5 Signs That You'll Need to Replace Your Sliding Glass Door Soon

Sliding glass doors are built to be durable, but they need to be replaced at some point. When you have a sliding glass door that is worn or damaged, this can affect your home’s comfort and energy use by letting the hot air inside during summer or cooler air inside during winter. It’s time to replace the sliding glass door if yours is showing any of the following signs.

1. Your Sliding Glass Door Is Hard to Open

Your sliding glass door should open smoothly on its track. In some cases, a good cleaning removes dirt buildup that prevents these doors from sliding back and forth. If you’ve cleaned this area and you’ve still been having trouble sliding it open and closed, the rollers in the track might have been worn out.

2. Your Sliding Glass Door Has Cracked or Shattered Glass

A crack or an area of shattered glass in your sliding door makes it less safe in terms of security and could put you at risk of being injured if you try to open it or fix it. Cracks in these doors also allow moisture inside, leading to condensation buildup, and make your home less energy-efficient. If your sliding glass door has this kind of damage, it’s best to look into having it replaced with a new door rather than trying to repair it on your own.

3. You Keep Getting a Draft Around Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors should keep outdoor air from leaking into your home. Otherwise, cold air can get in and force your heating system to work harder. Hot air can also get in and cause your air conditioning to run more often. These doors should also prevent heated indoor air from leaking outside in winter or cool indoor air from getting outside in summer. If you’re feeling a draft near your sliding glass door, you should have it replaced.

4. There are Gaps Around the Sliding Glass Door

Visible gaps around your sliding glass door cause your home to lose energy efficiency. These gaps also make it easy for intruders to get in. Having gaps usually means that your sliding glass door wasn’t properly installed. Instead of trying to repair this, you should explore your options for getting a new, energy-efficient sliding glass door.

5. The Sliding Glass Door Comes Off the Frame

Your sliding glass door should stay on its frame all the time in order to open and close properly. If it’s coming off the frame, especially if this happens often, this can cause a safety hazard when you try to move it back and forth. A door that comes off the frame is also a risk in terms of home security. Having a new door that is correctly installed helps ensure that your home stays safe and secure.

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