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Finding the right style of french door and glass for your home that reflects your taste and style is important. Our French door designs at the Energy Shield Window and Door Company range from simple to intricate, clear to obscure.

Since 1996, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has offered a variety of products that beautify and enhance homes while allowing Arizona home owners to enjoy life comfortably in the Valley of the Sun. We install energy efficient French doors and have a variety of styles and options available to meet your budget and taste. Visit our showroom in Phoenix, AZ and see what French door installation options we have on offer for you, or get in touch with an Energy Shield representative to schedule an in-home quote. Get energy efficient French door installation with $0 down, 0% interest financing in Arizona from Energy Shield.

Features of Our Exterior Patio French Doors

  • Reinforced to keep water, wind, and intruders from entering, while assuring that climate control stays inside
  • Designed in hundreds of styles that allow you to select French door exterior options to suit your budget
  • Engineered to reflect heat
  • Constructed with fiberglass and other durable materials that keep their integrity without the rotting that may occur in products not designed for our desert region
  • Offered with optional wood grain surfaces that give the appearance of wood french doors without the cracking or deterioration that wooden doors often suffer from in Arizona
  • Crafted to reduce outdoor noise as well as the accumulation of dust while maximizing French doors exterior views
  • Tested to allow maximum light through the use of low-E dual pane glass and other enhancements that also improve energy efficiency and reduce your electrical footprint
  • Qualified by ENERGY STAR® and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, an independent non-profit that evaluates energy performance for consumers and the industry

Optional Blinds and Sidelite Windows Enhance Privacy

For those who want privacy without the need of dusting and replacing blinds, consider our French doors with the blinds built right in between panes of glass. These blinds are provide a great way to give an extra level of privacy without the need of installing extra rods or frames upon the door. A convenient operator handle allows for the ease of lifting and tilting blinds without the presence of cords that can dangle and attract unwanted attention from curious youngsters or pets. A variety of optional sidelite windows are also available to accompany the doors. These windows allow for greater light and enhance the view of the French doors.

Frequently Asked Questions for Exterior French Door Installation in Arizona

If you have been searching for a reliable and proven exterior French doors vendor, you have come to the right place. Since 1996, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been on the driving seat in offering some of the best exterior French doors. Our doors are designed to last a long time compared to the rest on the market. Try us today as we stand behind everything we sell with an outstanding warranty.
We paint our doors with lasting and durable paint that is meant to withstand any weather condition. The paints are waterproof and can last through every season. The fiberglass is also reinforced to withstand any impact, keeping your home safe. We also offer exclusive designs that complement the hardware finishes.
The standard exterior French door size starts at 1 meter 6 inches and has a width of 3 feet. The stock door heights start at 6 feet eight inches and go all the way to 8 feet. However, if you reside in an old modeled house, we are glad to have one custom-made for you.
The exterior French doors are designed to open inwards. Even though there are some which are designed to open outwards, this option has not been preferred. The main reason is that they may be caught by the wind and swing outwards into an obstacle, which may end up damaging them.
The French doors have different glass options that you can choose. Energy-efficient French doors glass doors help to reduce heat transmission from the house because of the single and double chambers that help to house argon. You can also choose from a different variety of decorations that we have. There is a list of different designs you can choose, from classic to modern designs. The addition of matching sidelites also helps to improve the look of the door.
There are different colors available for you to choose from. However, we would recommend white, brown, maroon, cream, and grey. The color you choose will be determined by your taste. We have all the options, and we can customize any color you need.
There are several things that determine the cost of the exterior French doors. The traditional French doors were made using hardwoods, but the modern doors are made of fiberglass, steel, or aluminum. The cost of the door will be determined by the material used. The fiberglass French doors tend to be a bit costly than the steel doors. Another determinant is the quality of the frame. The frame is supposed to be strong enough to handle the weight of the glass without twisting or sagging. You should also factor in the exterior French door installation costs as well.

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What Does Exterior French Door Installation Cost Near Phoenix, Arizona?

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