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Single and Double Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows come with an upper sash and a lower sash. In a single hung window, the upper sash is fixed in place and cannot be opened while it is possible to open the lower sash. In contrast, the upper and lower sash can open in double-hung windows; however, they do not pivot inward. Furthermore, the lower sash can also slide upward or pivot inward.

One of the biggest benefits of single and double-hung windows is that they are relatively easy to clean.

  • With single-hung windows, the lower sash can pivot inward, making it easier to clean.
  • With double-hung windows, the sashes only slide instead of pivot. Therefore, the exteriors can only be cleaned from the outside.

It is also important to note the ventilation provided by single and double-hung windows.

  • Single-hung windows provide decent ventilation; however, the upper sash cannot be opened, so the ventilation is a bit limited
  • With double-hung windows, both sashes can open, so the ventilation is much better.

Finally, single hung windows work well when space is limited because the sashes do not protrude. On the other hand, single hung windows are not great for areas where humidity is a problem, such as a bathroom due to the limited ventilation. Double-hung windows are also great for tight spaces; however, the ventilation is better, so they might work well in the bathroom.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are single panes of glass that do not have any frames that might obstruct the view. They are fixed windows, meaning they do not open; however, due to their design, they also let in a lot of light.

The biggest benefit of picture windows is that the view is unobstructed. They are also airtight, so they do not leak.

On the other hand, they also do not provide any ventilation and cannot be used in an emergency because they do not open. As a result, picture windows are great for areas that need natural light; however, if humidity is an issue, these windows are not going to provide much ventilation.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have hinges to one side that allow the doors to swing open. They usually have handles that allow users to crank them open. They do not have rails, so they provide great views; however, the crank mechanism can wear out over time. Casement windows are great for rainy climates; however, because they swing outward, they might not work well if space is tight.

Single & Double Sliding Windows

Single sliding windows and double sliding windows use sashes that slide back and forth. Single sliding windows have a single sash and double sliding windows have two sashes. The advantages of sliding windows are that they provide an unobstructed view and are easier to open than typical single and double-hung windows. This also allows for more natural ventilation.

Tilt and Turn Windows

A tilt and turn window uses two separate axes. It can tilt when added ventilation is needed but can also turn and open when more space is needed (such as exiting the home). Therefore, tilt and turn windows are among the most flexible windows available. At the same time, this flexibility also makes these windows slightly less secure.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are made using three separate window partitions of varying widths. They reach out from the house and allow in more natural light, which accentuates the views. Bow windows have three (or more) windows that come together at equal angles. This forms a nice, smooth curve that creates a gorgeous aesthetic appeal.

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