Windows and doors do far more than allow the entry of light and people into your home. They make it look better, protect it from energy loss, improve security, and more. In order to get all of these benefits, it is important that you hire a well-qualified company to provide and install them. This is where we at Energy Shield Window & Door Company of Greater Phoenix come in. We manufacture, distribute, and install windows and doors to meet your exact needs and desires.

Replacement Windows in Phoenix, AZ

It is important to look for high efficiency when you get replacement windows in Phoenix AZ. This helps to keep your power bills low and your house at reasonable temperatures. There is no need to stick to a single type of window in order to meet this requirement. Our windows are made to provide excellent efficiency no matter what form they take.

Available Materials

We produce windows with frames made of vinyl, aluminum, or wood-clad material. Vinyl is one of the most efficient types, while wood-clad frames look more natural. Aluminum frames offer excellent design versatility.

Window Types

Our windows can be obtained in a huge array of types. Single- and double-hung are some of the most popular. We can also handle your needs for single or double sliding windows, picture windows, bay windows, custom shaped windows, casement and awning windows, and even commercial windows.

Replacement Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Just like with windows, the possibilities for replacement doors in Phoenix AZ may surprise you. Along with entry doors, we offer French doors, sliding glass doors of various types, security doors, patio doors, and pet doors. All of our doors are made so that when closed, they resist the Phoenix sun and heat.


Our doors come in fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, and other materials. Which material is best depends on the door's placement? We suggest fiberglass for resisting Phoenix's scorching sun.

Plantation Shutters in Phoenix, AZ

Plantation shutters go inside of your windows. They feature stiff slats that can be turned open and closed much like blinds but do not raise and lower. Our design is meant to resist the heat and sun, so they are great shutters in Phoenix AZ.

While older shutters were made of wood, we use vinyl that is made to look natural. This eliminates the need for maintenance (other than basic cleaning), improves lifespan, does away with the staples used in older designs, and makes cleaning easier.

Why Choose Energy Shield Window & Door Company

When you choose us for your new windows, doors, or shutters, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. This eliminates the middleman, thereby saving you money. Even better, our products are also made with Phoenix's climate in mind, so you know they'll stand up to the heat, UV levels, and dryness of the area. Finally, hiring us ensures that the job is done right.

To make an appointment for a quote, just contact us here at Energy Shield Window & Door Company. We'll come out, explore the project in detail, and tell you everything you need to know about updating your windows and doors.

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