A beautiful view from a house through Custom Bay Window - Energy Shield Windows and Doors

The Energy Shield bay window is always custom made and is a decorative window that projects outward from the exterior wall . This style of window is commonly referred to as a Bench Seat window and can include shelfing to display decorations. This style of window often makes the interior room feel and look larger. The most common configuration is a fixed is a 3 window pattern with a fixed picture window in the center flanked by two single hung or double hung windows for ventilation.



Bow windows contain 4 or more windows mulled together to form a gentle curve or "bow". The bow window does not protrude out on the exterior wall as much as the bay window and is not available with shelfing. This style of window is typically configured with all picture windows, but can also include operable windows on the sides.

  • Dramatic appearance both inside and outside the home
  • Allows plenty of natural light inside the house