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Arizona’s extreme weather combined with the need to keep your pet safe and comfortable while you are away at work all day are just some of the reasons people choose pet door installation in Arizona. If you’re tired of having to constantly let your pet in and out or coming home to accidents, the good news is that you can solve this inconvenience without cutting an unsightly hole in your house. The pet doors from Energy Shield are designed to fit seamlessly within a sliding glass door or French door frame to provide your pet with their much-needed freedom. Once in place, your door can open and close just like it did before, allowing you to move in and out of your house without issue.

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In-Glass Pet Door Features

Doggy DoorOur pet doors make use of flexible, soft pet flaps, which allow your pet to move in and out without difficulty or injury. Our pet doors are suitable for dogs and cats.

  • Colors: white or tan
  • Made in the USA
  • Fusion-welded vinyl frame
  • Dual pane tempered safety glass
  • Endura™ flap
  • Security features
  • 15-year warranty


How to Measure for a Pet Door

Step 1 – DetermineFlap Width:

It is simple to determine the minimum width needed by your pet to pass through with comfort. Open a sliding door just wide enough to have them walk through with a minimum of one-inch clearance gap on each side. This width including gaps is the minimum size flap width you require.

Step 2 - Determine Flap Height:

The top of the flap should be placed at least as high as the top of the tallest pet’s shoulder, take a measurement from the floor to that point.

Pet Door Size Chart

Step 3 -Determine Direction

When OUTSIDE, determine which side your sliding door opens, is it from the Left or Right?

Sliding Glass Door Direction

Benefits of a Pet Door

Our pet doors offer myriad benefits for you and your pets, including:

  • Safety from the Heat: While dogs and other animals that are kept inside will be uncomfortable, those who have to stay outside are in serious danger. Given Arizona’s extremely high temperatures, your pet must be able to get in your house in the middle of the day, or they will be at risk of heat stroke and a host of other health problems. A pet door lets them get inside as soon as they become too hot for comfort, thereby avoiding any threat to their health, let alone their life.
  • Energy Efficiency: In allowing pets to get back into your air-conditioned house, pet doors have traditionally let warm air in as well. This wastes energy, as your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your home cool; the result is an exorbitant electric bill and a greater negative impact on the environment. But our pet doors use magnetic strips to tightly seal the door as soon as your pet has passed through it. This minimizes the amount of air that leaks into your home, and thus keeps both your bills and your environmental footprint low.
  • Consistent Comfort: Few things are more uncomfortable for a dog than having to wait for long periods of time before using the bathroom. But with one of our pet doors, your dog won’t have to wait at all! Whether you’re at work, asleep, or otherwise unable to let them out, they’ll be free to come and go as they please.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pet Door in Arizona

If you are looking for a safe dog door, look no further as we will provide you with the best.

Our dog doors come with an optional secure locking cover to prevent unwanted guests when the door is not in use. 

Our dog doors are also flexible, visually clear, and they seal tightly against any weather condition.

The great thing about having a pet door is that you can have it installed on any door. However, installing a petsafe dog door in a wooden door is quite simple compared to installing one on a glass door. But, despite the difficulty, we only install pet doors into glass doors. It could be a sliding glass door, or French door, we will get it done.

We can replace the glass in your existing door with a new pane with the built-in pet door, OR we can replace your existing door with a new frame and glass pane with pet door

No, these are not electronic doors. There is a security panel you can slide over the opening and lock in place when not in use. This makes it easier for your pet to slide in and out whenever they require to leave or enter the house.

Sometimes some pet safe dog doors do not come fully insulated; so, here are some tips you can use to weatherproof your dog door.
Use adhesive strips: Before using these weatherproofing strips, make sure you first clean the dog door according to the weatherstrips direction. Once the area is completely dry, remove the adhesive strip backings and press them on the edges of the dog doorframe.

Door insulating felt: Using this type of weatherproofing method ensures that the dog door lasts for more than a year. First, you have to cut the door insulating felt into long strips, which can easily stretch along the edge of the pet door for sliding glass door. Then use staples or nails to fasten the strips around the door’s edges.

A weatherproof door sweep: Attaching a weatherproof sweep door is also another method you can use to weatherproof your pet safe dog door fully.

However, for the dog doors we provide do not require weatherproofing because the doors are already energy efficient

Dog door installation depends on several factors, and they include
Type of door: The type of door determines a huge percentage of the total cost when it comes to dog door installation. Installation experts take into consideration the type of the door before they can estimate the total cost
Size: The size is also essential as it determines the amount of work; experts will have to do when installing the pet door.
Glass quality options: Another thing to take into consideration is the glass quality.

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