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You can add the ease, comfort and "wow factor" of an automatic sliding door to your home with the help of Energy Shield Window & Door Company in Arizona. From patio doors to pet doors, we provide and install the best automatic sliding doors on the market. These affordable and energy-efficient automatic sliding doors are also ADA compliant for families with elderly or disabled members.

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Automatic Sliding Door System

Turn an existing door into an automatic door with the AutoSlide system. This easy to install kit can turn any existing sliding glass door or closet door into an automatic door. The kits attach to an existing door and the system can be powered from any wall socket. Auto slide works with virtually any modern type of sliding door, whether it's indoors or out. You can even turn a sliding barn door into an automatic sliding door that opens or closes with the push of a button.
The AutoSlide system also integrates with modern Smart Home systems. This allows you to use your smartphone as an automatic door opener from anywhere in the world. Whether your Smart Home utilizes Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod or Google Home, you'll be able to control sliding glass doors and windows with it using AutoSlide.

Automatic Sliding Door System Features:

  • 5-Star Energy Rating
  • Easy-to-Install DIY Kits
  • Works with Single-Sliding Patio Doors, Pocket Doors, Pet Doors, and Barn Doors
  • ADA Compliant for Disabled Access
  • Works with Sliding Windows
  • Available Auto-Locking Motor
  • Integrates with Smart Home Systems

Automatic Sliding Doors in Arizona

Multi Slide telescoping doors from Energy Shield Window & Door Company allow you to enjoy expansive views of the Arizona countryside. The MultiDrive system works for homes with multiple sliding or glass patio doors and can operate them in a number of different scenarios. The belt drive motor system in MultiDrive is whisper quiet and energy-efficient.
The MultiDrive system comes in a mill finish, so it can be powder-coated to match any door's color. The doors are activated by wireless push buttons on both sides of the opening. Motion sensors, pet sensors, and other additional features are also available, so the MultiDrive system can be customized to meet your needs.

Automatic Patio Door Features:

  • Multiple Doors Can be Programmed to Open or Close Simultaneously
  • Secured Mode Allows Doors to Only Open for People or Pets Inside
  • Unsecured Mode Allows Inside or Outside Use, for Entertaining Guests
  • Pet Mode Allows Doors to Only Open to the Width of Your Pet
  • App Pairing Allows Control with the Use of a Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Reduced Power Mode Allows Doors to Open or Close with Less Force
  • Whisper Quiet and Energy Efficient System

Automatic Dog Door

Don't chop a hole in your wall to create a pet door! Let Energy Shield Window & Door Company create turn your existing sliding glass door into an automatic pet door. The AutoSlide kits available from Energy Shield Window & Door Company include wireless push buttons for people to use, and one of three options for your pet to open the door on their own: Collar Tags, Motion Sensors or Pet Doormats. Your pet can independently enter or leave the home without human assistance, and the door only opens wide enough for your pet to enter or exit. When it's time for your pet to stay indoors, simply switch the system from "Pet Mode" to "Normal Mode."
Automatic dog door photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company
  • Pet Motion Sensor: The automatic patio pet door option works best for homeowners with large dogs and a secure back yard. The motion sensor will activate to open the door for people or pets. An infrared motion sensor is installed inside and outside the door, with the beam at the same height as your pet. Turn Pet Mode off with the flip of a button. NOTE: The pet motion sensor AutoSlide may not be a good fit for your home if you have raccoons, stray cats or other unwanted animals in your home's area.
  • Collar Tags: Smart pet collar tags from AutoSlide are a great option if you want to ensure that only your pet can open or close your automatic sliding doors. These collar tags are remotely connected to an RFID sensor installed near the door. The transmitter plugs directly into your AutoSlide system with an included cable. Each transmitter can have up to four pet tags programmed to operate. For additional security, an iLock Smart Tag kit will enable the sliding glass doors to lock after the automatic door closer shuts it. This additional security feature is handy if you're away at work and your pet needs to go outside.
  • Pet Doormat: Another option for your automatic pet door is the AutoSlide Pet Doormat. This is a doormat that connects wirelessly to the AutoSlide system. Any time your pet stands on the doormat, the door opens to the predetermined pet width. This is a great option for homes with pets of different sizes (dogs and cats). The doormat only requires a slight amount of pressure to open or close the door.



ADA Automatic Door Opener

When used in conjunction with your home's sliding doors, the AutoSlide system creates easy access for elderly or disabled family members. This system can allow paraplegics and others with mobility challenges to enjoy added independence within the home because automatic sliding doors also work with multiple interior sliding doors. RFID proximity tags allow sliding doors to be opened or closed, even if a person is unable to use the remote push-button system. Optional motion sensors also allow doors to be opened or closed without pushing a button.
Automatic sliding doors for the disabled and elderly photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company Phoenix, Arizona

ADA Automatic Door Opener Features:

  • Mobility Kit Includes 2 Wall-Mounted Push Buttons and 2 Remote Key Fobs
  • RFID Proximity Tags & Motion Sensors Allow Added Accessibility
  • Increased Accessibility for Special Needs, Mobility Challenged or Elderly Family Members
  • Installs on Virtually Any Existing Sliding Door
  • Energy Efficient and Easy to Install

Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Sliding Doors in Arizona

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