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Replacement Vinyl Windows are the Most Energy Efficient Choice for Windows in Arizona

Over the past decade vinyl has become the frame material of choice for replacement windows and doors as well as for new construction. With Federal Energy Codes becoming stricter, energy efficient vinyl has emerged as the top performer. In many parts of the United States such as Arizona, vinyl is one of the few materials that exceeds the minimum standards set by the federal government.

Making the cost-effective investment into vinyl replacement windows is an opportunity to transform your Arizona home or business. That’s because the durable vinyl windows offered at Energy Shield Window & Door Company are locally manufactured by us, and designed to improve energy efficiency. Get high-quality vinyl window replacement at the best price by skipping middlemen mark-up dealers, and coming right to the factory. As a valued customer, you can reap the cost-saving benefits of working with a factory-direct window company.

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Which Style of Vinyl Windows Are Right for You?

Vinyl windows are not a one-size-fits all product. Each Energy Shield Window & Door product has a strategic design in mind and it’s important to discuss which vinyl replacement windows or new home products best serve your goals. Consider these options.

Single Hung Vinyl Window - Factory Direct Vinyl Replacement Windows in Arizona

Single Hung Vinyl Windows: Our 7000 Series opens from the bottom only and provides a half screen on the lower portion. This allows a natural breeze to flow without compromising your eye-level view.


Double Hung Vinyl Window -  Best Vinyl Replacement Windows in Phoenix, Arizona

Double Hung Vinyl Windows: Our 8000 Series Double Hung Vinyl Windows feature top AND bottom opening access and full screens. The windows also feature the benefits of tilt-cleaning.



Single sliding vinyl window - Replacement vinyl windows

Single Sliding Vinyl Windows: This 7000 Series vinyl window has side-by-side windows, and one panel stays stationary and the other panel slides horizontally open.


Single Sliding Vinyl Windows in Arizona

Double Sliding Vinyl Windows: This 8000 Series product utilizes 2 side-by-side windows that open via a center slide that allows you to manage fresh air flows and view flexibility.


 Casement and Awning Vinyl Windows: These 9500 Series windows enjoy hinged sashes that use a handle crank to open the window outward. Casement windows typically open from the side and awning windows open up from the bottom to create ventilation.



Bay Vinyl Window: Bay windows are sometimes referred to as bench seat windows. They typically consist of 3 windows; 1 fixed window in the center, and 2 side windows that are single or double-hung. Bay windows are great for expanding your living space, letting in fresh air, and allowing plenty of natural lighting.

Save On Energy Costs with the Best Vinyl Windows in Arizona

Advancements in the chemical compounds that are formulated specifically for windows and doors have made vinyl the preferred frame material for Arizona's most prominent home builders. Many multimillion-dollar homes in Arizona are constructed with vinyl windows and doors. Replacing your old aluminum or steel-framed windows with state-of-the-art vinyl frames is one of the best investments you can make in your home. You will lower your energy cost while increasing curb appeal and resale value.

How to Replace Vinyl Windows

To replace your windows with new energy-efficient vinyl windows, first contact Energy Shield to schedule your free in-home estimate. Our vinyl replacement windows expert will come to take measurements and discuss your options with you and schedule an installation date. Then, within just a few weeks, your new windows will be ready for installation. Although there are, of course, numerous steps involved in replacing windows in your home or business, our installation specialists use a very straightforward and transparent approach. So, you will know what to expect throughout the process. Here’s all you will need to do for your part of the vinyl window replacement process:

  1. Move window coverings, furniture, wall decor, and rugs near the windows, to make room for the window installers to work using the necessary equipment.
  2. Outside, move patio and deck furniture, toys, planter pots, and other items away from the windows that are going to be replaced.
  3. Trim back vines, hedges, and other plants temporarily, or remove them from the window areas, in order to allow access by the window installers. Turn off timers that control sprinklers near windows and other areas where installers will be working or carrying windows and tools.

IMPORTANT: For safety, children should be kept away from the areas where windows are being installed. Also, pets should be secured safely in a contained area away from where the window replacement work is being done, to protect them and help them stay calm.

Steps of the Window Replacement Process

Our window installation professionals are very respectful of your home and possessions, and we will take all the appropriate precautions to make sure that nothing is damaged in any way during window installations. So, the first thing we will do is protect your floors and larger furniture items by laying down drop cloths. Here’s the rest of the process for replacing vinyl windows:

  1. Each old window and its framing materials will be removed.
  2. Then, the installer will replace the existing framing, shims, and sealants, as needed.
  3. Next, the installer will place the new vinyl window into the open frame.
  4. Then the installer will level the new window and ensure that it is square in the opening.
  5. Flashing nails will be used to secure the new window into place.
  6. Waterproof lining will be applied around all your new vinyl replacement windows.
  7. Next, additional insulation will be placed around the window.
  8. Then, caulking will be added around the window.

Your installer will ensure that every replacement window is fully sealed and seated properly. The installation crew will clean up all areas where work was done, and they will remove all the old windows from your property. The time frame for the entire vinyl window installation project is dependent on the number of windows to be replaced. Typically, windows can be expected to take several hours each to complete, on average. This time estimate includes removing the old window, handling the materials, and completing the installation of the new window.

Vinyl Window Manufacturer

Energy Shield Window & Door Company LLC, in Phoenix Arizona has been building energy-efficient home improvement products for over 25 years. We manufacture the best quality vinyl replacement windows made locally and we design them specifically to deliver superior performance in the southwest U.S. desert climate. Our premium quality vinyl windows will withstand the extreme conditions of the desert and ideally protect your home for decades to come.

We are Arizona’s best vinyl window manufacturers. Energy Shield windows and exterior doors are engineered to provide:

  • Maximum heat reflection (low-E)
  • Minimum heat transfer (Argon)
  • Optimum dust control (meticulous seal)
  • Improved noise insulation (in multiple-panel designs)

We install, warranty, and service all window and door products we sell. That means our customers receive the important benefits of buying windows factory-direct from the manufacturer, vs. buying from a retail supplier:

We have been building premium-quality energy-efficient windows for over a quarter-century here in the Sonoran Desert of the Phoenix metro area. Our many years of experience and passion for quality have made Energy Shield the best vinyl window manufacturer in Arizona.

And, by eliminating the middlemen, we are able to prevent common problems for our customers that can only be avoided by being able to buy directly from our vinyl window factory.

We’re proud to continue providing our customers with the benefits of the very best vinyl windows and customer service our industry has to offer Arizona homeowners and businesses.

Vinyl Window Installation FAQ

The manufacturer is more knowledgeable about exactly what you need, even custom-made windows. By buying directly from us, you will benefit from our product warranties as well as regular servicing. You also avoid having to deal with middlemen who may have marked up the prices to increase their profit margins.
Vinyl windows in the past last for 15 to 25 years with minimum repairs and servicing. However, you will eventually have to replace them. Some of the signs that indicate your vinyl windows are due for replacement include: - High energy bills - If your windows have become difficult to operate - Cracked window frames - Fogged glass - Drafty rooms
All our windows go through rigorous and are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This explains the NFRC label on each of our windows which signifies that they meet the energy-efficient standards set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Yes. We provide frosted vinyl windows which limit visibility from the outside and still allow natural light to stream into your space. These are ideal for bathrooms as well as commercial buildings.
The cost of your vinyl windows will be influenced by your preferred style. Do you need single hung, double-hung, single or double sliding, or bay vinyl windows? The number of windows you purchase will also influence the total cost. We know that replacing your windows might appear costly, which is why we offer our clients a 0% Down and 0% Interest on Approved Credit among other special offers.
After your new vinyl windows are installed, we take your old windows and dispose of them correctly. Your compound will be left free of any debris resulting from the installation. Should you wish to keep them, ensure that you notify our installation crew as soon as they get to your premises.
Most of the problems encountered by our clients after vinyl window installation can be easily corrected and they do not imply that your window has a problem. Though this is rare, feel free to contact us if you experience any problem after installation.
Unlike conventional windows, new energy-efficient windows have standard insulating features including argon gas between glass panes and Low-E coatings which could save you from 10 to 25% of your annual cooling costs.

Contact Energy Shield for the Best Quality Vinyl Replacement Windows and Installation in Arizona

Energy Shield has a 20-year reputation in providing high quality vinyl window installations that help lower energy bills and improve quality of life. Our Arizona-based window replacement company has earned certifications as an Earthwise Member and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We offer $0 Down and/or 0% Financing on Approved Credit, and stand behind our products. Contact Energy Shield today at (623) 936-3758 for a Free Quote on the Best Vinyl Windows in Arizona.

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