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Have you been looking for a window type that perfectly brings your style and elegance but at a pocket-friendly price? Energy Shield Windows and Doors has the perfect solution for you with classic single hung windows. Having been in business since 1966, we have continually designed and come up with single hung windows that are perfect for the Arizona climate. We are a certified general contractor and a member of BBB with A+ rating.

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Features of Single Hung Windows

The Energy Shield 7000 Series single hung window are a traditional style that opens from the bottom by raising the window sash upward. The top glass in the single hung is fixed in place and does not open. This style includes a Half Screen across the bottom leaving the top half as a full view picture window. The opening sash is traditionally one half of the height, however since every window is custom made to fit your home you can specify the height of the sash. This style of window is often used in the dining area to provide a clear view through the window while seated at a table so that the horizontal sash frame is below eye level.

  • Tilt in sash for easy cleaning
  • Aluminum fixed meeting rail provides superior structural strength
  • Perfectly balanced block and tackle system allows sash to rest at any opening height
  • The 7000 series provides excellent performance and energy efficiency with dual pane low-E glass
  • Argon gas is standard
  • 50% of the window is sealed airtight with premium dust seals to seat the sash tight

Pros of Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows have a top sash which is fixed in place while the bottom one is operable. Installing a single hung window will have the following merits:

  • Costs – as opposed to their double hung counterparts, single hung windows are less expensive as only one of the sashes is operable. This results in less material usage and therefore the lower cost. This is ideal if you want to have your windows replaced on a shoestring budget but you do not want to compromise on your property’s aesthetic value.
  • Energy efficiency – the evolving of glass types has resulted in the creation of single hung windows that are extremely energy efficient. Since only one of the sashes moves, this can result in more heat being retained inside the house.
  • Space – single hung windows are ideal for smaller rooms as they are smaller. As they do not open outward, they are great for squeezed places with higher traffic. They allow for natural lighting without eating up on wall space.
  • Durability – this will to a large extent be influenced by the material used and how well you maintain them. Vinyl windows have been proven to last for longer durations. Though wood frames give your home a natural and warm look, they might not be as durable. Fiberglass frames can be made to imitate wood to give the same charming elegance. They are more durable and need little maintenance.

What Single Hung Windows Designs are Available?

While this is a window design with a single movable sash, you will be blown away by the vast styles, finishing options, shapes, and trims that we have for you. We ensure that we have what will blend in perfectly with the architectural design and style of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions for Single Hung Windows

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Choosing the right window will ultimately affect the feel of your property both inside and outside, as well as reflect your particular style. We are the single hung windows manufacturers and therefore, great prices are guaranteed as no middlemen are involved: what you see in the quote is what you pay for. Contact us today for a free quote and entrust us with the responsibility of improving your property’s value.

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