The Energy Shield 7000 Series single hung window are a traditional style that opens from the bottom by raising the window sash upward. The top glass in the single hung is fixed in place and does not open. This style includes a Half Screen across the bottom leaving the top half as a full view picture window. The opening sash is traditionally one half of the height, however since every window is custom made to fit your home you can specify the height of the sash. This style of window is often used in the dining area to provide a clear view through the window while seated at a table so that the horizontal sash frame is below eye level.

    • Tilt in sash for easy cleaning
    • Aluminum fixed meeting rail provides superior structural strength
    • Perfectly balanced block and tackle system allows sash to rest at any opening height
    • The 7000 series provides excellent performance and energy efficiency with dual pane low-E glass
    • Argon gas is standard
    • 50% of the window is sealed airtight with premium dust seals to seat the sash tight