Bay Window Installed in a Living Room

Are you thinking of having more eye-catching windows put into your home? Why not add a bay window for impact? You get the opportunity to save on your energy bills while giving your home a fresh new look. That’s important when dealing with the impact of the Arizona sun. Energy Shield Window & Door Company performs top-quality bay window installations in Arizona. Our factory-trained and industry certified installation crews provide you with fully-warranted products engineered to combat the challenges of the state’s climate. Don’t forget to check out our discounts going on now, PLUS we make it easy to get new windows with $0 down, 0% financing available on approved credit for our replacement windows.

Bay windows offer both function and beauty. If you need custom-made windows to fit your home, these windows are available in multiple finishes and colors.


Bay Windows

The Energy Shield bay window is always custom made and is a decorative window that projects outward from the exterior wall. This style of window is commonly referred to as a Bench Seat window and they come out farther than other window types, slightly increasing the amount of floor space in the room. The most common configuration is a fixed is a 3-window pattern with a fixed picture window in the center flanked by two single-hung or double-hung windows for ventilation. You’re not limited to using these windows for living room or dining spaces. Have them placed in your kitchen or bathroom to create a garden window. They’re great for showcasing your favorite herbs or other plants.

Benefits of a Bay Window

Bay windows make interior rooms feel bigger and increase the amount of light let into your home. Each window immediately becomes the focal point of a room and add immediate value to your home.  

Bay Window Vs. Bow Window FAQ

A common point of confusion for window shoppers is the differences in the aesthetics and practical aspects of bay and bow windows. To help clearly distinguish between these two window compositions, here are answers to frequently asked questions about the differences between bay and bow window designs:

A bay window is an assembly of three or more windows together, set at angles to increase natural light captured from multiple angles, and to add dimension to a room by bringing the window outward. The recessed space or “bay,” created by the uniquely curved composition of multiple windows adds usable space to the room as well, often fashioned into a window seat, book nook, or houseplant display space. A bow window usually consists of 4 or 5, or even more windows, which creates a large smooth curve in the window design, vs. the more polygonal angles of the bay window style. A bow window also typically adds more interior space than a bay window does. However, bay windows are generally more energy-efficient than bow windows.
Bay and bow windows each offer their particular aesthetic and practical benefits for homeowners, including enhancing curb appeal and positively impacting property values. These window upgrades also increase a home’s interior aesthetic appeal, further adding to market value, and both bow and bay windows add extra square feet of living space to a room. Those added spaces are often used for wonderful lifestyle upgrades, such as reading nooks, cozy window seating with under-seat storage space, breakfast nooks, added craft space, play space, and other uses. The flood of natural light that the large window arrangements capture from all directions of the sun makes both bays and bows ideal for large indoor window planter boxes or large houseplant living spaces.
The unique design of bow and bay windows, extending outward from the home’s structure with greater breadth and depth than regular windows, exposes them more fully to the outdoor elements. You can certainly switch out bay window components that have rotten wood framing with more durable vinyl replacement bay windows. Replacing parts of less frequently used bow windows may require special handling with the manufacturer. Bay windows with high-end vinyl framing featuring wood-grain designs look like wood, but they withstand the elements much better over time. Energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows also come in a huge selection of beautiful color choices. For the most highly durable bay window, work with the manufacturer of the highest quality bay windows Arizona has to offer you.
Yes, you can replace bow or other traditional window configurations with energy-efficient replacement bay windows. When you install bay windows, you immediately boost the resale value, comfort, and spaciousness of your home and upgrade your lifestyle. Upgrading to a state-of-the-art energy-efficient bay window is actually much easier to do than you may have expected. If you can imagine the benefits of having an abundance of natural light from that window area and enjoying some extended living space there, you can have it conveniently installed for you!
  1. Just identify a set of single or double-hung windows in your home (sliders or casement windows) that you would really like to replace with a big beautiful energy-efficient bay window.
  2. Call Energy Shield Windows & Doors, to discuss the ideal solution for your window replacement, and our experts will do the rest for you.
  3. We’ll provide you with a free in-home estimate, and our top-quality installation specialists will soon complete the transformation of your space with a gorgeous new bay window.
The cost of new energy-efficient replacement bay windows varies based on your personal style preferences and on your home’s particular needs for bay window installation. You can see the industry cost averages for window replacement through this link, however, for an accurate estimate of your window replacement cost, ask to schedule your free in-home consultation. When properly installed, a highly energy-efficient bay window can add spectacular beauty, natural light, extra usable living space, and increased functionality to your home.

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