Bay Window Installed in a Living Room

Are you thinking of having more eye-catching windows put into your home? Why not add a bay window for impact? You get the opportunity to save on your energy bills while giving your home a fresh new look. That’s important when dealing with the impact of the Arizona sun. Energy Shield Window & Door Company performs top-quality bay window installations in Arizona. Our factory-trained and industry certified installation crews provide you with fully-warranted products engineered to combat the challenges of the state’s climate. Don’t forget to check out our discounts going on now, PLUS we make it easy to get new windows with $0 down, 0% financing available on approved credit for our replacement windows.

Bay windows offer both function and beauty. If you need custom-made windows to fit your home, these windows are available in multiple finishes and colors.


Bay Windows

The Energy Shield bay window is always custom made and is a decorative window that projects outward from the exterior wall. This style of window is commonly referred to as a Bench Seat window and they come out farther than other window types, slightly increasing the amount of floor space in the room. The most common configuration is a fixed is a 3-window pattern with a fixed picture window in the center flanked by two single-hung or double-hung windows for ventilation. You’re not limited to using these windows for living room or dining spaces. Have them placed in your kitchen or bathroom to create a garden window. They’re great for showcasing your favorite herbs or other plants.

Benefits of a Bay Window

Bay windows make interior rooms feel bigger and increase the amount of light let into your home. Each window immediately becomes the focal point of a room and add immediate value to your home.  

Bay Window Vs. Bow Window FAQ

A common point of confusion for window shoppers is the differences in the aesthetics and practical aspects of bay and bow windows. To help clearly distinguish between these two window compositions, here are answers to frequently asked questions about the differences between bay and bow window designs:

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