Wooden Clad Windows

Energy Shield Window and Door Company installs a variety of premium wood clad replacement windows. This type of window has an elegant wood interior and rugged anodized aluminum exterior. Wood window replacements are available in a wide range of exterior colors and interior wood species. These products create the most beautiful and elegant interiors. Precision engineered to last a lifetime they have been rigorously tested to withstand even the most active families. Our handcrafted wood windows meet or exceed industry standards for air infiltration, water penetration, structural and thermal performance with superior forced entry designs.

Check our current specials for offers on a wood window. When you're ready to talk about replacement wood windows, contact us directly at 623-777-7616 (we speak English and Spanish). We offer 0% Down and 0% Interest On Approved Credit for our replacement windows, so call today to schedule your free in-home estimate!

Wood Clad Windows in Arizona

Choosing wood windows for your Arizona home or business involves selecting designs that will fit the style of your architecture and provide the frame for your view of the spectacular Sonoran skies and landscapes. In order to receive all of these important benefits, the windows you choose must be made from the highest quality materials. Energy Shield's wood windows are available in virtually limitless designs, to make your home's wood clad windows completely unique, to fit your creative vision.

  • Beautiful Woods — For airy interiors designed to provide a fresh, light atmosphere, you may decide to choose wood species in lighter, brighter tones, such as Pine, Alder, Maple, Cherry, White Oak, or Red Oak. Or, if your tastes run toward the more stately, stronger colors, you may choose the deep rich tones of Walnut, Douglas Fir, or Mahogany.
  • Wood Window Finishes — Our wood staining is an advanced, multi-step process that brings out all the beauty of your wood interior. The coating process used to treat our wood window products utilizes a unique, specially formulated, two-part catalyzed polyurethane paint. Both the stain and coating are exceptionally tough, resistant to scratching and moisture.
  • Clad Colors — Select from a wide array of solid paint color choices. Or, choose from our selection of anodized finishes for a progressive metallic look. Or, browse our textured and weathered collection of paint finishes to achieve granular effects or other luxurious, uniquely stylized aesthetics.
  • Interior Finishes — Energy Shield's wood clad windows are finished with an advanced process to enhance the appearance of the wood surfaces. A specially formulated high-grade polyurethane paint is used for an exceptionally tough, scratch resistant finish that even resists moisture. Choose one of the many wood clad paint color selections or a wood stains for ultimate durability, in clear, espresso, toffee or other gorgeous colors.

High-Quality Glass

  • Performance Glass — We use high-end Cardinal Glass 366 & 340 in all of our wood clad windows, to provide our customers with the very best in quality residential and commercial window products.
  • Glazing — Glass glazing can reflect bright sunlight to let abundant natural light in while keeping a substantial amount of heat out. Quality glazing allows greater comfort and significantly increased energy efficiency. It also blocks out harmful UV rays. We offer the industry's state-of-the-art in glaze coatings. Your Energy Shield expert will work with you to determine the ideal glass for your new windows.
  • Decorative Glass — Create your own unique designs and filter sunlight to soften the natural light in your interior, and/or add to security and privacy with decorative glass from our wide selection of glass treatments. See our lavish decorative options, such as beveled edge effects, frosting, rain effects, smooth etched effects, bronze tinting, various other tints, and a variety of other specialty glass styles.

Wood Window Trimmings

  • Interior and Exterior Trim — Add elegance to your window presentations with one of our classic or contemporary trim styles, all constructed of highly durable, exquisitely crafted wood and metal window trim designs.
  • Grilles — For classic charm, add a traditional wood grille, or opt for a contemporary grille design. Removable grilles are ideally convenient and budget-friendly. We can help you select from a virtually unlimited number of standard or custom concepts for grilles to divide glass expanses, from the smallest to the largest windows.
  • Screens —  Our durable, subtle, fiberglass screens are charcoal color, and framed to match your window hardware. These high-quality screens are spring loaded, permitting easy removal and re-attachment.

Custom Wood Windows in Arizona

If you are undertaking a unique architectural design project, and need a custom wood window company that can deliver the industry's best in high-end unique designs and installations to meet the most challenging configurations and manufacturing demands, Energy Shield is simply without equal in Phoenix.

Contact Energy Shield for Wood Replacement Windows in Arizona

Energy Shield is Phoenix Arizona's quality provider of wood windows designed especially for the harsh desert climate. Energy Shield Windows and Doors are manufactured to meet severe heat and noise reduction and dust control needs. Energy Shield's installation experts are all factory trained and professionally certified.

With Energy Shield, you can be confident that you're choosing the best quality of window products for your new construction project or wood window replacement. And, we want you to know that we're committed to our customers' satisfaction. Our team stands behind our installation work to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our product quality and workmanship. Some of the many important benefits we provide our customers include:

  • Energy Star and Earthwise products for reduced cooling and heating costs.
  • Special offers for great savings on quality windows and doors.
  • 0% financing with approved credit.
  • Tax rebates for investing in home energy-efficiency.
  • Certified General Contractor, A+ Member of BBB, Earthwise member.
  • Free in-home estimate, without sales pressure.
  • Hablamos Español.

For more information about wood windows in Arizona, or for a free estimate, contact Energy Shield Windows and Doors, by visiting our website, or by calling (623) 936-3758 to speak to one of our helpful representatives. Energy Shield has been serving our valued Arizona customers since 1996.

Wood Window FAQ

Choosing wood windows for your business or home involves choosing designs, which will not only fit your style of architecture but also provide you with a frame that makes your office or home stand out. So, here are a few things you need to know about wood windows.

Vinyl-clad wood windows are windows that have vinyl cover on the outside of the window and wood on the inside of the home. The vinyl cladding exterior is designed to help improve the longevity and durability of the window. The primary advantage of having vinyl-clad windows is that these windows combine all the helpful features of both vinyl and wood windows into one package.

You do not have to choose between longevity and low maintenance of vinyl windows and the superior aesthetics of wood windows. You can have the beauty of wood interior with the low-maintenance, durable extruded vinyl exterior.

The range of wood used for making windows includes Pine, Maple, Alder, Mahogany, Cherry, Mixed Grain, Douglas Fir, Red Oak, Walnut, and White Oak.

Different type of Woods

Aluminum clad wood windows are windows where the outer portion is clad in aluminum making it effortless to maintain, weather resistant, and available in different colors. While the interior is made of wood. These windows combine the cost-saving advantages of aluminum, with the beauty of wood.

That depends on your needs. Wood is a premium material making it more expensive and it will require maintenance. However, wood is highly customizable to achieve any look. Vinyl windows are a more cost-effective option, and unlike wood windows, the vinyl windows require very little maintenance and upkeep once they are installed because they never have to be re-stained or re-painted. When it comes to energy efficiency, both our vinyl and wood windows perform similarly.

Click here to download the full wood window cleaning and maintenance guide. The recommended annual maintenance inspection checklist is as follows:
1. Inspect weather-strip and bottom sweeps on doors for effectiveness in keeping air and water out of your home. If weather-strip is cracked or ripped, call Energy Shield for a replacement.
2. Examine interior and exterior finishes. Repair any damage or exposed areas. Stain/paint wood surfaces or use touch-up paint for your aluminum clad exteriors.
3. All-wood exteriors need to be inspected and repainted periodically. Any blistering, peeling or cracking
in the finish needs to be repaired promptly to protect the wood underneath.
4. Inspect the exterior caulking around the outer edges of the window frame. Trim away any old, loose and cracked caulking, and seal any gaps with a good quality exterior caulk.
5. Check all hardware (hinges, locks, opening mechanisms, etc.) for cleanliness and smooth operation.
Clean hardware and lightly oil mechanisms (hinges, rollers, etc.) for ease of operation.
6. Make sure any exposed hardware screws are securely tightened.
7. Clean all dirt or dust from door and window hinges, sills and tracks.
8. Check doors for smooth operation. Adjust rollers and locking mechanisms, if necessary, to achieve a smoother sash operation.
***Do NOT use a pressure washer to clean windows.

Provided that you properly maintain wood windows, they can last at least 30-50+ years.

Yes, our wood windows are energy efficient. You can choose glazing to improve your energy efficiency and lower your energy bills. You can capture the sun’s heat or reflect it. You can also reduce outside noise, block the sun’s damaging UV rays, or even enhance your privacy.

Yes, you can. There are 75 colors and some sensational textures allow you to add warmth, a splash of cheerfulness or a new statement to your designs. We’ll also custom match any color you choose.

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