Doors with an Ultra Slim Line Frame

Energy Shield Window & Door Company offers a wide variety of telescoping multi-slide doors from several different manufacturers in Phoenix, AZ. This door style is less expensive than Bi-Folding doors while providing the same glass wall appearance and high performance. Multi-Slide doors are commonly referred to as telescoping doors or stacking doors. Generally, between 3 and 6 panels slide in one direction and stack up in front of the end panel. This type of door does not require room for the panels to swing inward or outward as Bi-Folding doors do.

Our most popular and affordable stacking sliding door is the Ambassador 8880 Series. This model is constructed of heavy-duty Architectural Grade Aluminum and is thermally broken for superior energy savings and performance. The Ambassador 8880 series is typically 60% less expensive than other brands in comparable sizes, making the Ambassador the absolute best value in the multi-slide category.

Multi sliging glass doors photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company in Phoenix, Arizona

Multi Sliding Glass Doors with an Ultra Slim Line Frame

Arizona is known for its beautiful panoramic views, from soaring mountaintops to desert sunrises. Energy Shield Window & Door Company created the Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame, so homeowners can enjoy the beautiful nature. The Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line was designed for brand new luxury homes. This Slide Door (also known as a Sliding Glass Wall or a Glass Slide Door) is a great way to enjoy the scenery, get some fresh air, and save on energy costs.

Features and Benefits of Multi Slide Patio Doors From the Energy Shield Window and Door Company in Phoenix, Arizona

There are many reasons many architects and home builders are choosing to incorporate Sliding Glass Walls into their luxury homes. The Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame is highly versatile and is designed to meet the latest trends in aesthetics, insulation, and security. These patio sliding doors are well suited for architectural applications where large openings are available such as off a balcony, living room, or dining room.

  • The thermally broken aluminum frame around the door is only 3/4 of an inch thick and is available in a wide range of colors, as well as custom colors to meet anyone's needs.
  • Choose 2 panels, 3 panels, 4 panels, 5 panels, or 6 panels for the glass patio sliding doors.
  • There are three glass options: single, double, or triple pane glass for energy efficiency and sound insulation. There are single and double-glazing options for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Squared beading gives the glass a very sleek, modern look while the glass pane is also tough enough to stand up to all types of weather conditions in Arizona.
  • Multi-Slide Doors provide alternatives to traditional walls, sunrooms, and room dividers. Some architects use them for large outdoor openings while others put them as dividers between rooms, where homeowners open and close them as needed for different events.

Telescoping Glass Doors Styles We Offer

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Multi-Glass Energy Efficient Door for Your Home

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency: Multi-paned glass doors are more energy efficient than single-paned doors because they have multiple layers of glass separated by a sealed, insulated space, which helps to insulate the interior of a building from exterior temperature and reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.
  2. Reduced Energy Costs: The energy efficiency of multi-paned glass doors can help to reduce heating and cooling costs, which can ultimately lead to significant savings on your energy bills.
  3. Increased Comfort: The improved insulation provided by multi-paned glass doors can help to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature, especially during extreme weather conditions.
  4. Improved Durability: The multiple panes of glass in these doors are sealed and insulated, which makes it more durable and resistant to outside elements.
  5. Enhanced Aesthetics: Multi-paned glass doors can provide an elegant and modern look to your home that can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.
  6. Enhanced Indoor/Outdoor Living: A glass patio slide door offers an easy transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors, making your living space feel more spacious and connected to nature.
  7. Increased Home Value: Installing multi slide patio doors can increase the resale value of your home. They are a highly sought-after feature among homebuyers, especially those who value indoor/outdoor living and energy efficiency.
  8. Easy Operation: Sliding patio doors are easy to operate, even for children and elderly individuals. They glide smoothly on their tracks, making it effortless to open and close them.

Why Should I Install Multi Sliding Patio Doors in My Home?

Multi-slide patio doors take the whole patio door concept to the next level. The sleek and expansive folding glass systems usually consist of more panels than a traditional 2 or 3 panel sliding glass door. Multi slide patio doors can feature up to 10 panels that open from either side to the other or from the middle outward. There are various reasons Arizona homeowners increasingly choose multi-slide doors. The most popular motivation is to have an uninterrupted view of the Sonoran landscape.

Increase Visibility

As you have probably seen, traditional patio door models, including sliding glass doors, cannot provide complete visibility. They typically have full metal or wood framing around the panels, which partially obstruct the view through the doors. By contrast, the innovative technology of multi slide patio doors allows a full panoramic view of the desert landscape from inside your Arizona home.

Upgrade Your Patio Sliding Doors and Express Your Style

Stunning multi sliding doors can extend the entire length of a large deck or patio, to create a fully indoor-outdoor living space. This unique door option is arguably today’s most exciting and transformative option in patio doors. You can vertically stack the panels to open up an extensive wall space even wider.

Bring in More Natural Light

The great expanse of a whole wall of multi-slide patio doors, as many as 10 glass panels, opens up living space to a flood of natural light. You may have seen a 3 or 4 panel sliding glass door. Those look great. But the huge glass walls created by assembling a series of multi sliding doors cannot be surpassed for panoramic views of the gorgeous southwest desert, majestic mountain ranges, and the open sky.

Improve Versatility and Convenience of The Living Space

The panels of a multi slide patio door system are designed to open up and fold into recesses. The panels disappear into the pocket, concealing the panels to create the widest possible openings. That combines your indoor and outdoor living spaces. This amazing option provides ideal versatility for entertaining. The panels can also be opened and closed manually or with an automatic multi-slide door control. The tracks can also be installed straight, curved, or at a 90-degree corner angle.

  • Unparalleled design flexibility
  • The ability to extend to 10 glass door panels
  • The option to open from either side or from the middle
  • The option for automatic operation control

Increase Your Property Value With Telescoping Glass Doors in Arizona

Upgrading a home with new doors and replacement windows is a timeless strategy for improving comfort, elevating style, and increasing property values. The resale value of a home upgraded with multi-slide doors can increase significantly. The multi-slide doors transform a home’s interior style and upgrade its curb appeal. Your new multi-panel sliding doors are all backed by the outstanding Energy Shield warranty.

Energy-Efficient Durable Telescoping Glass Doors in Arizona

Transform Your Home with Stunning Multi Slide Glass Doors! The Energy Shield Window and Door Company has Multi-Panel Sliding Glass Doors In a Price Range for You.

Frequently Asked Questions About Multi Slide Doors

Many homeowners ask, "what are telescoping doors?". Telescoping doors save space and provide a wider clear door opening - perfect for greater access to patios or large areas where people congregate. These doors feature moving walls of glass frame that allow for beautiful landscape views and loads of fresh air and natural light.
Telescopic sliding doors feature large sliding glass panels that provide an unobstructed view to the outdoors. These doors slide smoothly on stainless steel running tracks installed on the upper and lower wall openings and will glide into wall pockets. The result is an extra wide wall opening that removes the barrier between your home's interior and your outdoor landscaping. Homeowners experience the sense of an expanded living space that incorporates a beautiful view of nature, and allows for plenty of fresh air and natural light to flow in.

Yes, Keltic offers both, manual and motorized telescopic doors along with remote controlled options that allow you to easily open and lock doors. Our standard doors feature an automatic sliding door operator with motion sensors to detect an occupant passing through the entryway. Motorized open and close allows you to easily take advantage of beautiful weather with just the touch of a button.

Yes, Telescoping French doors feature 2 sliding glass doors that close at a center point and have multiple panels on each side. These are available in a range of styles to suit both residential and commercial needs. Constructed with multi-point hardware, stainless steel handles, and a dead bolt lockset for maximum security. Add a touch of Olde World glamour to your home with telescopic French doors available with one panel or two panel operation.

Consider telescoping patio doors available in 3 finishes - Dark Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized and White Painted frames. For your specific interior design needs, we can provide additional finishes when requested. All doors feature a block frame, Dark Bronze or Silver finish spacers and spectrally selective Low-E coating for greater energy efficiency and 1/4” tempered glass for safety.

Yes, our pocket door system features multiple panels that easily collapse into the wall - hidden away and giving an appearance of a totally open space. For modern decors or a minimalist, open floor plan, stacking glass doors that operate at a 90-degree angle allows for spectacular, unobstructed views. These doors feature Architectural Grade Aluminum and the option of 1 to 4 linkable tracks.

Yes, for those that desire clean lines and a minimum of obstruction, we offer stacking sliding doors that disappear into the wall cavity - creating the perfect passageway between your home and the outdoors. Obtain the illusion of a larger space and maximum transparency, as these doors feature a minimum of framing and the largest panes of glass.

Yes, our multi-slide glass doors are energy efficient to keep you cool in the Arizona heat. The bottom floor track has a water barrier sill and weep-hole system as safeguards against water intrusion. For additional protection, the back leg of each sliding panel penetrates the track to help keep out dust and debris.

Multi-paned glass doors are more energy efficient than single-paned doors because they have multiple layers of glass separated by a sealed, insulated space. This design helps to insulate the interior of a building from the outside temperature, reducing the amount of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Additionally, many multi-paned glass doors also have low-e coatings, which are thin metallic coatings that reflect infrared light and reduce the amount of solar heat that enters a building. This can also help to reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling. Overall, multi-paned glass doors can help to improve a building's energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Yes, telescoping sliding doors includes multi-point heavy-duty hardware for maximum security and external keyed locking system. Stacking French doors come with a deadbolt lockset for greater strength and security against intrusion.

The cost of multi-slide doors with installation varies widely based on the panel dimensions, the number of panels, the framing material, the performance features you choose for the glass package, and other options for your door system.
What is constant in the pricing is the savings homeowners realize by buying factory-direct from Energy Shield. There is no retail markup, and there is no low production quality to increase profit. We frequently offer special discounts, and with this caliber of glass door product and you may be eligible to claim a substantial federal ITC credit for residential energy efficiency investment.
0% Financing is Available with Approved Credit

0% Financing is Available with Approved Credit

Arizona’s Best Multi Slide Doors – From Energy Shield

If you are ready to see how you can add the Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame to your next luxury house blueprint, contact Energy Shield Window and Door Products for a free bid. See a list of our current specials. All our products are energy efficient, saving your clients money on their utility bills in the long run, and they can also apply for tax rebates as well. We make it easy to get the sliding glass wall system of your dreams with zero-down financing on approved credit.

Energy Shield Window and Door Company is a certified Earthwise Member, General Contractor, and a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We have been making energy-efficient products since 1996. Our products are designed for the Arizona lifestyle, with heat deflection, dust mitigation, and noise reduction in mind. With factory-trained and industry-certified technicians, we stand behind our products and the quality of our installations. We also speak Spanish. 

Call Energy Shield Window & Door Company at (623) 936-3758 to Schedule a Free In-Home Multi Slide Door Design Quote and Consultation.

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