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Energy Shield Window & Door Company offers a wide variety of telescoping multi-slide doors from several different manufacturers in Phoenix, AZ. This style of door is less expensive than Bi-Folding doors while providing the same glass wall appearance. Multi-Slide doors are commonly referred to as telescoping doors or stacking doors. Generally, there are between 3 and 6 panels that slide in one direction and stack up in front of the end panel. This type of door does not require room for the panels to swing inward or outward like Bi-Folding doors do.

Our most popular and affordable stacking sliding door is the Ambassador 8880 Series. This model is constructed of heavy-duty Architectural Grade Aluminum and is thermally broken for superior energy savings and performance. The Ambassador 8880 series is typically 60% less expensive than other brands in comparable sizes, making the Ambassador the absolute best value in the multi-slide category

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Multi Slide Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame

Arizona is known for its beautiful panoramic views, from soaring mountaintops to desert sunrises. Energy Shield Window & Door Company created the Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame, so homeowners can enjoy the beautiful nature around them. The Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line was designed for brand new luxury homes. This Multi-Slide Door (also known as a Sliding Glass Wall) is a great way to enjoy the scenery, get some fresh air, and save on energy costs.

Features and Benefits

There are many reasons many architects and homebuilders are choosing to incorporate Sliding Glass Walls into their luxury homes. The Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame is highly versatile is designed to meet latest trends in aesthetics, insulation, and security. The door is well suited for architectural applications where large openings are available such as off a balcony, living room, or dining room.

  • The thermally broken aluminum frame around the door is only 3/4 of an inch thick and is available in a wide range of colors, as well as custom colors to meet anyone's needs.
  • Choose 2 panels, 3 panels, 4 panels, 5 panels, or 6 panels for the glass door.
  • Three glass options: single, double, or triple pane glass for energy efficiency and sound insulation. There are single and double-glazing options for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Squared beading gives the glass a very sleek, modern look while the glass pane is also tough enough to stand up to all types of weather conditions in Arizona.

A View From Balcony - Multi-Side Doors in Arizona - Energy Shield Windows and Doors

The Multi-Slide Door provides alternatives to traditional walls, sunrooms, and room dividers. Some architects use them for large outdoor openings while others put them as dividers between rooms, where homeowners open and close them as needed for different events.

Multi Slide Doors Configuration - Multi-Side Doors in Arizona - Energy Shield Windows and Doors

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If you are ready to see how you can add the Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame to your next luxury house blueprint, contact Energy Shield Window and Door Products for a free bid. See a list of our current specials here. All our products are energy efficient, saving your clients money on their utility bills in the long run, and they can also apply for tax rebates as well. We make it easy to get the sliding glass wall system of your dreams with zero-down financing for 25 months on approved credit.

Energy Shield Window and Door Company is a certified Earthwise Member, General Contractor and a member of Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  We have been making energy-efficient products since 1996.  Our products are designed for the Arizona lifestyle, with heat deflection, dust mitigation, and noise reduction in mind. With factory-trained and industry-certified technicians, we stand behind our products and the quality of our installations. We also speak Spanish. Get a free bid online or call us at (623) 936-3758.


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