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Many homeowners choose glass doors for the abundance of natural light they bring into the home. With today's vast choices of styles, and framing materials and colors, high-quality glass patio doors enhance your view of Arizona's spectacular desert, mountains, and sunset skies, and they satisfy your personal sense of style and add character to your home.

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Features and Benefits of Energy Shield Doors

Our sliding glass doors are unrivaled in the industry. These doors are custom-made per your specifications in our Phoenix factory. They are designed to withstand the extreme Arizona heat and dust conditions. These beautiful, exceptionally durable sliding patio doors are our industry's most cost-effective way let in an abundance of natural light while addressing your needs for practical, energy and cost-efficient doors for your home. All of our door products are:

Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

Energy Shield sliding glass doors are made of the highest quality glass, framing, and hardware materials. We offer 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel sliding glass door systems. These door systems are available in sizes up to 16 feet width and 8 feet height. All standard Energy Shield doors are made with heavy-duty screen frames and with metal rollers on both top and bottom.

Our high-quality vinyl sliding patio doors are meticulously inspected, to ensure that they outlast our lifetime guarantee. We know that patio doors in Phoenix, Arizona undergo daily use. So, we build our doors to withstand the heaviest of household use.

  • Heavy-duty screen, frame and track
  • Steel wheel track
  • Dual-tandem axle metal rollers
  • Aluminum-reinforced meeting rails
  • Multi-point locking system

Aluminum sliding glass door photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Our Ambassador 8200 Series Aluminum Sliding Glass Door is Arizona's luxury quality aluminum patio door system, available in a wide variety of configurations to fit seamlessly into virtually an opening. Available in systems of 2, 3, or 4 panels. Your choices of indoor and outdoor finishes enhance your home's appearance. Tandem rollers with sealed heavy-duty bearings and stainless steel track combine to ensure years of smooth operation. A thermal framing system and highly energy efficient glass, with the durability of high-grade aluminum makes adding this special glass door system to your home a sound long-term investment.

Vinyl French Patio Doors

French style patio doors bring a look of classic elegance and warmth to a home. And, French sliding doors provide a perfect solution for small spaces around the door area. Our hinged French patio doors offer the beauty and durability of the most expertly crafted doors. In either metal or fiberglass, these special French patio doors provide all the heating and cooling efficiency of fine Energy Shield products while letting in the splendor of the Arizona desert sky.

  • High structural performance
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Air infiltration protection
  • Resistance against water penetration
  • Certified by Energy Star® and AAMA

Aluminum french doors photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company

Aluminum French Doors

If you want high performance and the strongest overall value in a sleek, ultra-modern industrial styled French door assembly, our Keltic 7080 series Hinged Dooris a superb choice. This bold, unique frame style features even stiles on all sides, instead of the standard broader kick plate. This stunning door offers durability and cutting-edge style for both residential and commercial building projects.

  • Multi-point hardware locking system.
  • Includes deadbolt (for maximum security).
  • Key locks are also available.
  • Hinges can be color-matched to your door finish.
  • Choose either 1 or 2-panel operation in the outswing model

Multi-slide patio doors photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company

Multi-Slide Doors & Sliding Glass Walls

We offer a wide variety of multi-slide doors. Multi-slide doors, also called stacking doors, or telescoping doors, are usually systems consisting of from 3 to 6 panels that all slide in the same direction, and stack neatly against the end panel. This door type does not take up room to swing into the room or outward onto the patio area, as bi-folding doors do.

The Ambassador 8880 Series - This is our most popular sliding glass wall model. This very affordable heavy-duty glass wall system is built from architectural-grade aluminum. It is engineered for incomparable energy efficiency. And, this model offers the best value in its class, usually costing about 60% less than other brands of comparably sized door systems.

Mega View Door with an Ultra Slim Line Frame - We created the Mega View Door system with our Ultra Slim Line Frame support system for new home construction, to maximize your unobstructed view of the wondrous panoramic views of Arizona's spectacular mountains and gorgeous desert landscapes.

Our highly versatile Mega View Door system, with its Ultra Slim Line Frame, is ideal for fit with changing aesthetic trends, and for serving important insulation and security needs. The Mega View is a superior choice for large openings such as for a wide balcony, dining or living room space, or other architectural application in which an effect of combining indoor and outdoor living spaces is desired. And, it offers a unique a stunning alternative interior room dividers, or traditional exterior or interior walls, or sunrooms.

  • Choose from 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-panel glass door systems.
  • The aluminum framing is only 3/4-inch, for optimum sleekness of design and minimal obstruction of views.
  • Framing is available in a broad range of colors and custom colors.
  • Single, double, or triple pane glass options are offered for superior sound insulation and high energy efficiency.
  • Single and double-glazing options are also available to further enhance energy efficiency.
  • Squared beading provides the sleekest in ultra-modern appearance of these glass panels, and the tough panes withstand all Arizona weather conditions.

Exterior French door photo - Energy Shield Window and Door Company

Exterior French Doors

For an elegant entry to your home, or to your patio area, exterior French doors are a unique and practical option. to create beautiful, inviting space. Our sturdy, functional French doors make any exterior or interior passage in your home look luxurious.

And, the quality of our Energy Shield glass affords you the clearest possible view and the highest quality of energy efficiency. Select from a wide choice of custom patio doors, of steel or fiberglass construction, all meeting or exceeding our industry's standards for structural and thermal performance, air filtration, water penetration and security.

Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Doors

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