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French doors offer a large opening area for easy access to your home’s interior or an easy way to get to your exterior patio area. Traditional craftsmanship combined with our modern, energy efficient windows offers a unique twist to this modern, yet classic door. With Energy Shield Window & Door Company hinged French patio doors, your patio can be framed by the beauty of carefully crafted doors with beautiful workmanship. You know you are getting the highest quality French interior doors available in Arizona because Energy Shield Window & Door Company has our manufacturing center located conveniently in Phoenix, Arizona, enabling us to create exquisitely crafted doors and windows at prices that won't break the bank.

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Stop by the Energy Shield Window and Door Company today and take a look at how we create these beautifully unique additions for any home.

Quality Exterior French Doors from Energy Shield Window & Door Company

Are you looking to make a grander entrance into your home or a statement with the door outside to your patio? There are no better options than the outdoor French doors manufactured at Energy Shield Window & Door Company. These beautiful doors offer a practical and unique way to create an elegant pathway between rooms or from the inside to the exterior of your home. Even when closed, our French styled doors add style, and function for any exterior or interior door in your home, while offering a clear, open view with highly energy efficient glass. Choose from custom made patio doors, fiberglass, or aluminum. In addition, you can be sure that all of Energy Shield Window & Door Company products feature the industry standards for:

  • Air infiltration
  • Structural performance
  • Thermal performance
  • Forced entry
  • Water penetration

You can rest assured that installation of your exterior French doors will always be completed properly, and will help to ensure that your home is more energy efficient, resulting in the substantial reduction of your energy bill by up to twenty percent.

Every one of our windows and doors, including our hinged patio door styles, are Enviro-Sealed and have Eco-View windows and glass, which are backed and certified by Energy Star, and AAMA. Bring the beauty of the Arizona desert into your home without risking your heating and cooling efficiency with beautiful, Energy Shield Window & Door Company high quality custom French doors.

French Doors for High Style and Functionality

If you want the openness of the multi-sliding door design but prefer another approach to adding multiple glass doors to your home, consider elegant French Doors. There are a variety of beautiful and functionally advantageous French Door configurations.

Your new French Doors can be custom designed, and you can select from these basic operational types of French doors for your home:

Both Sides Operable Both sides of your French Doors can be hinged to open outward or inward into the room. They can even be framed to swing in or out from the center of the doors.
Swing Inward vs. Swing Outward You can have your French Doors hinged to swing inward into the interior of the room in your home or outward to make more use of the interior space.
One Operable Door Panel If you want to limit the amount of usable floor space needed for your French Doors to swing, a single-hinged door allows one side to open and the other to remain stationary.

Material Types of Exterior French Doors

Energy Shield uses only the most durable and energy-efficient framing materials for our superior-quality French Doors for southwest desert homeowners, including:

Vinyl Framing

Energy-efficient high-grade vinyl French Doors offer durability and the appearance of painted wood at affordable pricing. Use different colors for each side, as desired.

Wood Framing

Wood-framed French Doors offer a traditional aesthetic that warms up the interior and exterior and elevates the image of any home. 

Aluminum Framing

Aluminum framing with vinyl cladding adds energy efficiency and withstands the elements of the harshest climates.

Types of Glass in French Doors

Beautiful glass treatments can add flair and elevate the aesthetic of your French patio doors, and they obscure the view ideally to preserve your privacy. Decorative glass options include: 

    • Frosted

    • Textured

    • Etched

Divided Lights vs. Grilles

If you decide to buy French Doors, there are a few ways that the look of individual glass panes (called lights) can be achieved in your new doors:

    • Actual Divided Lights: Individual lights (glass panes) separated by framing material offer the authentic appeal of traditional French Door construction. But, these are harder to clean.

    • Grille on One Side of the Door: A grille attached to the outside of the glass provides a convincing image of divided lights. These are conveniently removable for cleaning.

    • Faux Grille Inside the Glass: A grille-like material can be placed between the two full panels of glass in a double-pane French Door to create the appearance of an external grille.

French Door Light Styles

Aesthetic designs for the glass panels in Energy Shield’s stunning, world-class quality French Doors are available to suit all the most popular home styles, such as:

Colonial Victorian Craftsman
Tudor Contemporary Prairie

French Doors for Your Home by Energy Shield

Energy Shield French Doors are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, strength, and long-term durability. Our beautiful French Doors are built specifically to withstand the extreme southwest U.S. desert conditions for many years to come. If you need to replace French door units, contact Energy Shield for more information anytime!

Free In-Home Estimates for All Exterior French Door Upgrades and Installations

Energy Shield Window & Door Company is always pleased to offer every customer the uniquely convenient feature of an in-home estimate for free through our website, or by simply calling in. We can answer your request and contact you at a time that is convenient for you, and arrange a time to sit down and talk with us about the door and window needs of your home, as well as the budget that you have to work with. Shopping from your home on our website is always easy, and offers you the advantage of seeing what we have to offer, or what we can create for you, in our manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Take a video tour of our facilities and find out how Energy Shield Window & Door Company is committed to excellence and making our customers happy the first time we install windows, doors, or other systems in your home. Be sure to ask us about our special financing offers, such as zero down and zero percent financing on up to five different windows in your home. We love our customers in The Valley of the Sun and are always willing to go the extra mile for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior and Interior French Doors

Exterior Patio Door Installers Nearby Phoenix, Arizona

We are a local manufacturer of the best hinged patio doors in Arizona. We offer gorgeous energy-efficient French doors in wood, vinyl, and aluminum framing, in a vast range of designs and finishes. We build and install all the French doors we sell. Our installers are factory trained, and industry certified.

For More Information About Our Beautiful Exterior Patio Doors & Custom French Doors, Call the Energy Shield Window & Door Company in Phoenix, Arizona

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