Sliding doors have been around for a while now, and they have had their fair share of challenges. For example, they are susceptible to door jamming issues. Switch things up by installing traditional French doors.

Why Replace Your Sliding Glass Door with a French Door?

Here are top four reasons why you should ditch your sliding glass door for a French door:

  1.  Extra safety: Sliding glass doors are easy to pick. Burglars simply pop them off their tracks and rollers. Hinged doors, however, have a sophisticated locking system for extra security
  2. More appealing: Many folks find patio doors more attractive to the sliding glass doors. They have numerous designs for a wide taste of options. 
  3.  Better functionality: When clogged up with debris or rusty rollers, sliding doors can be hard to open. French doors, on the other hand, are easy to open and rarely wear out. They also seal better. 
  4. Better energy efficiency: Today’s French doors are designed using high-performance frames with a double paned, 1-inch thick glass. The low E glass transmits solar heat four times better than that of sliding glass doors.

Cost of Replacing a Sliding Glass Door with a French Door

Your cost depends on the custom options you choose, and if there is a need to increase the door threshold. The glass pros at Energy Shield are well suited to install French doors in your living space, and we will be happy to go over details that can help you get your project done within budget. We also offer 0% interest financing O.A.C.

Replace sliding glass doors photo -  Energy Shield Window and Door Company

What to Expect When Replacing Sliding Glass Doors with a French Door

  • After talking to one of our trained home improvement professionals, we schedule an in-house consultation.
  • Before arrival, we recommend that you take a thorough look at our online portfolio for design inspiration and a clear picture of how your new French door might look.
  • Upon arrival, our team of professionals assesses your door replacement project. They take you through your custom and budget options.
  • We reach out within 24 hours of your visit to provide upfront pricing and arrange a convenient return appointment to finish the job.
  • On our final visit, our certified experts replace the sliding glass door with our French doors. The task involves getting rid of the conventional slider and trim pieces, fitting the new door set, and making sure there is proper insulation and waterproof.

Get a Free Quote to Replace a Sliding Glass Door with French Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Energy shield Window and Door Company is an accredited manufacturer of energy efficient windows and doors since the late 1990’s. Our products are designed specifically for the Arizona climate with emphasis on heat reflection, noise reduction, and dust control. We proudly stand behind our products and installations. Our install crew, factory workers and manufacturing experts are all industry certified.

If you are in Arizona and are looking to replace your sliding glass door with a French door, we are your ideal partner.  Be sure to take a look at our special offers on windows and doors and feel free to contact Energy Shield if you have questions. Our English and Spanish speaking call agents will be waiting to discuss French door solutions with you.  

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