There are multiple things to consider when selecting the best windows for your Arizona home. The glass type is a primary determinant of the level of energy efficiency your windows can deliver for you. The frame type you use will also significantly impact the overall energy efficiency of windows in our extreme desert southwest environment. The style of your windows determines their functional effectiveness in the rooms where they’ll be located and used for the purposes you have in mind. 

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Below are some helpful tips for choosing the best replacement windows for your various needs and preferences and for maximum energy efficiency.

What Makes the Best Windows the Best?

When trying to determine which are the best windows for your Arizona home, it helps to know what makes the best windows the best. So, let’s see: 

  • Today’s best windows are maximally energy efficient. 
  • They make it easier to control the temperature and comfort in your home. 
  • High-performance windows reduce your cooling and heating bills in even the most extreme southwest desert conditions. 
  • The best energy-efficient windows let in a lot of natural light while they effectively block external heat transfer into the home. 
  • So, the best windows deliver a flood of sunlight to brighten your living spaces while reducing your cooling bills in Arizona. 
  • The best windows for homes also look gorgeous, upgrading your curb appeal and interior style. 
  • The superior beauty and energy efficiency of the best windows can increase property value! 

Choosing the Best Window Frames

Wood, aluminum, and vinyl window frames are the most popular options today. Of the three alternatives, vinyl offers the best energy efficiency. Aluminum framing is most frequently used for mounting large glass window panels in modern home styles. Wood costs more than vinyl but is preferred for some residential construction, especially to preserve the integrity of older traditional-style homes under renovation. Of the three most commonly used options, vinyl replacement windows have become very popular over recent years because of the overall value they offer due to their affordability and superior energy efficiency.

Best Glass for Energy-Efficiency

The window glass performance is, of course, essential to the window unit’s overall energy efficiency. There are several measures of energy efficiency in windows that can be used to determine the performance value of the glass panels:

  • Visible Transmission (VT): High-VT value lets in abundant light. About 60% to 80% is recommended. 
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Low SHGC, less than 0.4, means less heat from the sun is transferred through the glass. 
  • U-Value: A low U value means less heat is transferred through the window glass by conduction, convection, and radiation.

Additionally, check the National Fenestration Council rating, called the NFRC rating, of the windows you’re considering before making your buying decision.

Double-Pane Glass for Best Energy Efficiency and Value

For the highest energy efficiency and value for the investment, double-pane windows are recommended. The space between the two glass panes slows the transfer of heat between the exterior and interior sides of the window in hot weather, and vice versa in cold weather. 

This means that homeowners with double-pane windows save energy costs, have more comfortable interior living spaces, and receive the best value, vs. unnecessarily investing much more in triple-pane units. 

Gas Fill in Double-Pane Windows: In today’s advanced window designs, argon gas, krypton gas, and/or other inert gasses between glass panes are used to slow the transfer of heat. Gas-filled windows block heat transfer much more effectively than just having air between the panes.  

Low-E Glass Windows for Best Heat Reflection

Low emissive glass, called low-E glass, has a layer of metallic oxide coating to help block heat from passing through windows. Here in the U.S. southwest desert region, the best windows for Arizona homes feature low-E glass. 

When selecting replacement windows for your home, be sure to check the performance ratings of the various styles you like. Note that low-E glass is typically on the list of energy-efficiency features for high-performance windows.

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