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Do you want to install double hung windows in Arizona? Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been offering outstanding window and door replacement services in the larger part of Arizona for over 20 years. Get in touch with us today and get a free consultation.

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What Exactly are Double Hung Windows?

Single and double hung windows are gaining fast popularity in many home designs due to their elegance and style. Most of the time, these two are confused as they tend to look identical from a distance. As opposed to a single-hung window where only the bottom sash moves with the upper half being permanently fixed, both sashes slide either up, down or even tilt in for double hung windows.

We offer a variety of window frame materials for double hung windows, such as:

Double Hung Windows Features

The Energy Shield 8000 Series double hung window is also a traditional style that opens from the top by lowering the top sash and opens from the bottom by raising the bottom sash. This style includes a full screen covering both the top and bottom sashes. The full screen is often used when privacy or sunscreens are going to be applied.

  • Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.
  • Premium dust seals on top and bottom sashes
  • Allows ventilation from top and bottom
  • Perfect for second story windows

Our double hung windows come preinstalled with a latch that secures the top and bottom sashes together to reinforce your home’s security. Once the latch is unlocked, the sashes can move either up, down or tilt inwards. Grill patterns of our double hung windows, Arizona are artfully designed to suit any style. We can, however, customize them depending on our client’s preference. We have limitless colors and glass designs from which you can choose. We employ the use of fin and compression seals for weather stripping to eliminate the entrance of debris allergens like dust and outdoor noise.

Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

With most people seeking means of reducing energy-related costs, double hung windows can go a long way in achieving this. Our windows are designed to insulate your home and keeping it warm in cold weather and radiating away heat in warm weather.

  • Easy to Clean: Double hung windows with sashes tilting inwards can be cleaned from the comfort of your house without breaking a sweat. You can keep the house looking prim without the danger of climbing ladders or scaffolds.
  • Easy to Operate: Double hung windows are easily operated by handrails and brass rollers.
  • Fresh Air: Double hung windows allow for maximum ventilation and airflow especially because of the screen installed. This makes them double up as ideal types of windows to lighten up the interior of any room due to the huge amounts of light they let in.
  • Style Options: We have a myriad of styles and designs and are made with superior quality that will outlast any other double hung windows in the market today. We also offer them at a price that will not make you break the bank.

Contact Energy Shield for Double Hung Windows in Arizona

Apart from enhancing your home’s aesthetic value, double hung windows improve your curb appeal and can be a great way of conserving energy. We are fast, reliable, licensed and ascertain a quick time-around in any project we undertake. Kindly, visit or call us at (623) 936-3758 for more information about our services.

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