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Careful planning with an Energy Shield Window & Door Company expert will ensure your new or replacement window installation process is a positive experience and your home improvement project is hassle-free. While there are many facets involved with the process of replacing your home or office windows, our approach is straightforward, so you will know exactly what to expect when you choose superior quality vinyl and aluminum Energy Shield Windows and Doors specifically engineered for the extreme Arizona heat.

Our wide selection of energy-efficient, vinyl windows are manufactured at our Phoenix, Arizona factory, and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

What to Expect During Your Window Installation

Now that you have chosen the perfect new or replacement windows to fit your style and your budget, what comes next?

First, your Energy Shield sales representative will work with you to schedule a time for our friendly, professionally-trained window installer to visit your home or office to take the window measurements and set up the installation date. Now you're all set to have your new, energy-efficient windows installed! Here are the top 5 questions and answers to help you prepare your schedule and home for your upcoming home improvement project:

By preparing for your installation date, you will save yourself a lot of running around and help the project run smoothly. In the days before your scheduled installation, clear a path to each window that will be replaced, both inside and out. Protect your belongings and furnishings to make a safe workspace by removing obstacles:

  • Inside move/remove household items like furniture, rugs, window coverings and pictures or wall hangings to provide plenty of space for the installer and the necessary equipment.
  • Outside move outdoor furniture, flowerpots and plan ahead to have other obstacles including vines, flowerbeds or hedges trimmed back or temporarily removed from around the windows to provide easy access.
  • Pets should be safely secured away from the project to keep them protected and calm.
  • Children should also be kept away from the work areas for their safety.
  • Drop cloths will be laid down to protect your flooring and larger furnishings. Our respectful window installation experts will take every precaution to ensure your home and possessions are not harmed or damaged in any way.

In Arizona, residential construction permits are only needed when you are remodeling your home or adding an addition. Your Energy Shield installation expert will detail, when applicable, who will be responsible for permits. It is also a good idea to check with your neighborhood HOA to make sure that your home improvement project aligns with their rules, regulations, and bylaws.

  • First, the old window and framing materials are removed.
  • Next, the installer will replace the framing and shims, as needed.
  • The installer will then fit the new window into place and ensure it is level and square.
  • Flashing nails will secure the new window in place; then the waterproof lining is applied.
  • The critical final step is adding additional insulation and caulking around the window.
  • Your installer will ensure the window is fully sealed and properly seated.
  • As the project comes to a close, the crew will perform a full clean-up and haul away your old windows.

Timing for the entire project is determined by the number of windows to be removed and replaced. On average, each window will take a few hours with the removal of the old window and materials and installation of the new window. From start to finish, you can expect a full home window replacement project to follow a two to a three-day timeline. However, if there are unexpected circumstances like additional repairs or uncooperative weather that may delay the completion date.

Rest assured that our streamlined installation process accounts for foreseen obstacles, but there are times that unexpected circumstances may extend an installation's timeline. Aside from the bad weather, underlying repair issues may arise if there is unforeseen damage that needs repair. Our process will limit your home's interior to outdoor exposure because we only remove one window at a time.

Our professional window installers are always happy to answer any question or concern you may have about our Energy Star products or the installation process. When your installation crew arrives, be sure to point out any special directions or considerations before work begins. When the installation of your new windows is complete, take time to do a walk-through with the installer to make sure there are no problems or concerns that need to be addressed before the crew leaves.

Window Installation with Exceptional Service, Superior Quality

Since 1996, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been providing specially engineered, energy-efficient new and replacement windows and doors for area residents and business owners in the greater Phoenix area, Scottsdale, Sun City, Tempe, Peoria, Anthem, Glendale, Wickenburg, Peoria and Maricopa, Arizona. Please visit our showroom at 725 N. 73rd Ave, Ste. 116, Phoenix, Arizona for your free replacement windows and installation estimate or call us at (623) 900-5645, we are happy to work with you to make the best decisions for your new or replacement window installation. Se Habla Espanol.

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