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The windows that surround us in our homes, at the office, and throughout our communities provide natural light but they also help control energy consumption and protect us from the sun's harmful UV rays. Each component of an energy efficient window will determine both the functionality and efficiency. 

Energy Shield and Door Company, located in Phoenix, AZ manufacture, sells and installs windows designed to provide beneficial energy efficiency in the harsh Arizona climate, with an emphasis on dust control, heat reflection, and noise reduction. Contact us today at 623-900-5645 for incredible factory direct savings for your new or replacement energy efficient windows and doors.

Choosing the right new or replacement window for your home or business is an important decision. The options you select will greatly affect your energy bills. So, what makes a window energy efficient? Here is a breakdown of the 5 different window components that make a window energy efficient.

High-Efficiency Glass

As the most important feature for energy savings, the glass structure determines the clarity and the protective insulation against dangerous UV rays. Windows with the Energy Star logo are manufactured to meet the strict standards for energy efficiency within your specific climate zone. Residents of the Southwestern US should look for window options with Low-E glass for superior UV protection and argon gas-fill between panes for added insulation.

Energy Efficient Frame Options

Energy Shield offers window frames construction in three different durable, energy efficient options. The type of material you choose will likely be determined by the design of your home. For craftsman or traditional-style architecture, wood clad window frames will enhance the overall look and feel of your home. An upgrade to vinyl window frames is the most affordable way to achieve an updated modern look. The incredibly durable aluminum window frame option will provide the same energy efficiency of a wood clad or vinyl window frame along with hard-wearing durability. Our frames come in a wide variety of colors to achieve the aesthetic you want and energy efficiency to add instant value to your home or commercial property. 

Window Design

Because the design of a window can affect energy consumption, considerations for a window's functionality and access should be reviewed when choosing the window design. Some window types are more energy efficient than others, here are the most common window types: 

  • Picture Windows - Because this window type is usually inoperable, the picture window is the most energy efficient window available. With options for glass and argon gas fill between the panes, this versatile window design can be customized to fit many different shapes and sizes.
  • Double-Hung Windows - As one of the most common window types found in the US, the double-hung window offers functionality and energy efficiency for small spaces like bathrooms, attics or hallways. This window design may not be the best choice for extreme climates because of air intrusion that may occur between the sliders.
  • Casement Windows - The casement window is perfect for high-wind areas because they actually become more secure when the wind blows. The easy crank operation makes this design ideal for natural air-flow, with a 90° outward swing for maximum ventilation.

Window Screens

Your window and door screens act as a filter for your home to keep bugs and debris out while still allowing air-flow when the window is opened. At Energy Shield Window & Door Company, you have the option to choose from fiberglass or aluminum screens:

  • Fiberglass Window Screens - The affordable fiberglass screen is a tight mesh-weave that offers additional solar protection against ultraviolet rays along with protection from very small debris particles.
  • Aluminum Window Screens - The pattern of an aluminum window screen creates a barrier to prevent debris that is any larger than the gaps in the screen weave. Aluminum screens are very durable in harsh weather conditions and come in a wide range of customizable colors.

Window Hardware

Hinges pull, and pivots are examples of the hardware that enables a window's functionality. Windows with a wider hinge capacity is another great energy saving option to allow maximum ventilation. The friendly, highly knowledgeable staff at Energy Shield Window & Door Company will be happy assist you with the selection of the best hardware to meet your performance needs and compliment the aesthetics of your home or business. 

Affordable Energy Efficient Windows and Doors in Arizona

For 20+ years, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been manufacturing energy-efficient windows designed with the harsh Arizona desert climate in mind. As proud members of Earthwise and Energy Star, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality energy efficient windows and doors available at the best price. We make it easy to get replacement windows with 0% interest financing with approved credit. Check out our current offers or give us a call at 623-900-5645 today to find the perfect energy efficient windows to fit your style and your budget. Se Habla Espanol.

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