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Over the past decade, vinyl has become the frame material of choice for replacement windows and doors as well as for new construction. With Federal Energy Codes becoming more and more strict, energy-efficient vinyl has emerged as the top performer. In many parts of the United States such as Arizona, vinyl is one of the few materials that exceed the minimum standards set by the federal government.

Advancements in the chemical compounds that are formulated specifically for windows and doors has made vinyl the preferred frame material for Arizona’s most prominent home builders. Many multimillion dollar homes in Arizona are constructed with vinyl windows and doors.

Replacing your old aluminum or steel framed windows and doors with state of the art vinyl frames is one of the best investments you can make in your home. You will lower your energy cost while increasing curb appeal and resale value.


Are you planning to replace your existing home windows in Arizona? Vinyl is your answer!

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Why Being Green with Vinyl Windows is Being Smart!

Few things are as certain in the environmental debate as to the facts that support why vinyl windows are a wise investment. The EPA repeatedly proves in test after test that energy-efficient windows reduce heat loss and gain. This translates into a monthly saving of 25% to 30% or more per month, year in and year out. There simply aren't many onetime investments that will generate anything close to that kind of return.

Beauty and the Beast

While the savings prove that vinyl windows AZ homeowners purchase are beasts at fighting the heat, they also add a stylistic and attractive touch to any home. Of course, it is important to purchase quality windows from a proven long-term provider when selecting your vinyl windows in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Since these essential upgrades make so much sense, it is unfortunate that there are those who will offer a vinyl window that does nothing to disappoint. According to the EPA, it is important to seek the best vinyl windows Phoenix vendors offer. Quality installations will address your specific needs with the proper types of:

  • Frame

  • Glazing

  • Operation

A reputable vendor will also fully address the proper gas fills and spacers for Phoenix vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows in a Brightly Lit Living Room - cheap vinyl windows in Phoenix Arizona

The Right Vendor with the Right Windows and the Right Price

If it is only common sense to use quality vinyl windows in Phoenix homes, the only real question is selecting the right source four your windows. We take great pride in being a premier provider of energy-efficient and beautiful Phoenix vinyl windows.

Energy Shield Window & Door Company has invested heavily in building a highly competent team and modern manufacturing facilities to provide vinyl windows Phoenix, AZ residents will be proud of for years to come. We back this investment up with unequaled installations, support, and making it easy for you to be energy efficient now.

We provide all Greater Phoenix homeowners with:

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Replacement Windows

Here Yesterday, Here Today, Here Tomorrow

The Energy Shield Window & Door Company has proudly grown with the Greater Phoenix community and we take pride in the fact that the best vinyl windows Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas have to offer, are made in our facilities and installed by our expert team. Our long-term commitment to each of our customers is reflected in our many certifications and endorsements, including:

  • Earthwise Membership
  • General Contractor
  • Member of BBB (A+ Rating)
  • An ever-growing number of 5-Star review and customer rankings

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