Spring Cleaning Your Home in Arizona

If ever there was a time to undergo an intensive spring cleaning, this is it. Whether you're worried about coronavirus or you've seen an uptick in other types of colds and flu in your hometown, now is a fantastic time to take advantage of stay-at-home recommendations and give your Arizona home a very thorough spring cleaning.

The traditional reason for a home spring cleaning is to air out the home after a long winter in which dust and diseases tend to pile up as doors and windows are kept shut and people stay in. But just because Arizona doesn't have a long winter, doesn't mean you should skip this tradition. That's because a thorough spring cleaning has other ancillary benefits, such as getting you to be active and engaged -- an especially important aspect as stay-at-home orders prevent going out as much. Both the act of cleaning and then the aftermath of having a clean home can also be a great mood booster. So no matter why you do it, a deep Arizona home spring cleaning will prove to be to your benefit.

Tackling Spring Cleaning in Your Arizona Home

Cleaning Your Home Room-By-Room in the Spring

Cleaning your whole house can feel daunting and overwhelming -- so much so that you might entertain giving up before you even begin. The best way to get over this hump is to approach cleaning as a room-by-room process. Give one room the whole works before moving onto the next as this will help invigorate you as you see the fruits of your labor. Consider even stretching out the process and doing only one room a day with a final re-sweep, vacuum, and mop when you've finished every room.

Organize Your Home and Clear the Clutter in the Springtime

If you run into the problem of having too much stuff, then now is the time to declutter your life. If you run into a quandary of whether or not to throw something out, ask yourself when the last time you used or appreciated the item and what the worst thing would be if you threw it out. The answers to those questions should help you make that decision.

Clean Your Window Screens First and Finish-Up with an Exterior Cleaning

window screens and doors tend to fill up with pollen and dust (which is good, as that's their job), but then when spring rains arrive, the rain hits these screens and now all that gunk gets sprayed across your windows and flooring to be tracked in your home. So start your spring cleaning right by removing and thoroughly cleaning all screens. Then, once you've finished with your room-by-room spring clean, go back and give all of your windows a thorough washing both inside and out.

Want to Replace Your Windows or Doors? Contact the Energy Shield Window and Door Company in Arizona

Of course, spring cleaning can only go so far. If you're tired of looking out of worn or damaged windows and doors, now is a great time to replace them. And why not make those replacements a long-term investment with energy-saving options? Contact our team today to learn more.

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