French Patio Slide Glass door

A patio door is often the main entrance to the back yard, and can be utilized to provide your home with natural light, fresh air, and expand your outdoor view. Most people think of patio doors as a basic sliding glass on metal tracks made popular in the 70's and 80's. But homeowners have many different patio door types, each with a unique set of advantages, to choose from based on functionality and aesthetics to fit your needs. To find the perfect patio door, you need to consider the architecture, your style, the outdoor and indoor aesthetics of your space and your budget. Here are some of our most popular and innovative patio door styles available today.

Elegant French Doors

Exterior Patio French Door

Elegant French doors are side-by-side matching doors that typically feature four to eight windowpanes called lites. French Doors can be designed in hundreds of styles that allow you to select exterior options to suit your style and budget. Learn more about energy efficient French doors.


Enjoy the View with Multi-Slide Doors

French Patio Muti Slide Door

Multi-slide doors, also known as a sliding glass wall, gives you optimal views, natural light and is ideal for a back-yard entrance from the dining room, living room and even as a balcony opening. Multi-slide doors from Energy Shield Window and Door Company in Arizona provide enhanced performance with our Mega View Door featuring an Ultra Slim Line Frame so you can open your home up for outdoor entertaining, enjoy the surrounding scenery and conserve your home's energy.


In-Glass Pet Doors

In-Glass Pet Doors

The energy-savings from an in-glass pet door come from cooling and heating conservation as well as saving you from constantly letting your pet in and out. The seamless design of the Energy Shield pet door fits within your existing sliding glass door or French door without the need for additional construction, like cutting an unsightly opening. After an easy installation, your patio door or French door will function just like it did before, allowing you and your pet access into the back yard without issue.


Find High Quality, Affordable Energy Efficient Patio Doors in Arizona

For over twenty years, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been manufacturing a vast array of energy efficient and affordable patio doors designed with the harsh desert conditions of the Southwest in mind. As proud members of Energy Star and Earthwise, we manufacture quality windows and patio doors to help lower energy consumption and keep you and your family safe from harmful UV rays. Give us a call at 623-900-5645 for a free project estimate or take a video tour of our factory and check out our current specials.