The luxury and convenience of having a huge section of exterior wall space made of glass is incomparable in home design. Having a glass picture window is one thing. It’s an amazing aesthetic benefit. But having a set of sliding glass doors transforms the wall into an incomparable asset to your home’s aesthetic quality, to your family’s lifestyle, and to your property value! So, consider this information about some of the most popular designs for sliding glass door replacement.

Benefits of Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

Here are some of the great benefits that make exterior sliding glass doors one of the most popular features to include in new builds and in home remodeling plans:

  • Wide open outdoor views
  • Abundance of natural light
  • Takes no square feet of living space
  • Functional convenience
  • Energy-efficient
  • Increased property value
  • Long-term durability
  • Minimal maintenance

Optional Features with Any Style of Exterior Sliding Glass Door

Most Energy Shield sliding glass doors are available with a wide array of optional features to enhance aesthetic styles, functionality, energy efficiency, strength, and durability. For example:

  • Wide array of stock and custom trim colors
  • Durable framing for long lifespan
  • Energy-efficiency glass packages
  • Variety of gorgeous custom grilles
  • Luxurious transformative black framing
  • Vinyl framing for superior energy efficiency
  • Custom detailing
  • Frosted or etched decorative glass
  • Wide selection of custom hardware

3 Popular Sliding Glass Door Choices to Upgrade Homes

Energy Shield offers all the most beautiful and practical sliding glass door configurations. Here are three of today’s most popular options for homeowners who want to elevate the appearance and increase the value of their homes:

Standard Sliding Glass Door

The traditional sliding glass door has taken over the world of home construction. There’s a slider leading out to virtually every deck and patio on virtually every house and townhome, apartment or hotel suite. It’s no wonder. Sliding glass doors are simply unsurpassed for bringing in a flow of natural light and opening up a living space to a full view of the great outdoors. A slider is two glass panels, of which one or both slide on a track horizontally to open. Sliders use no inside or outside living space because they slide instead of swinging to open. Today’s sliders offer:

  • A timeless aesthetic home design feature
  • Single or double sliding glass panel options
  • Double sliding door options, which provide added function and aesthetic value
  • The beauty of a picture window with the practical functioning of any good house door
  • State-of-the-art energy-efficient Low-E and double-pane argon gas filled glass panels
  • Upgraded safety and security features

French-Style Exterior Sliding Doors

Few door designs can form such a picturesque entry into a home as French doors. French doors have evolved. They are no longer limited to the conventional hinged model. You can have the elegant French doors you want and have all the functionality and space-saving economy of French-door-style sliders! This design innovation enables you to create gorgeous French doors that transform the aesthetic of any living space, adding a new air of exquisite charm to both the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Various beautiful grille choices can be added for a look of separate lites (glass panes).
  • Designed for optimum home comfort, maximum protection against drafts and extreme weather elements, and security against unwelcome entry.
  • A seemingly endless selection of styles to help make sure you can choose from all the French door interior and exterior options you like best, all within your budget.
  • Built with materials designed for strength and durability for ideal long-term performance in the harsh climate conditions of the southwest U.S. desert region.
  • Engineered to minimize noise, and indoor dust and other air pollution, while bringing in maximum light and views of the beautiful Arizona landscape.
  • Engineered to allow maximum light flow while reflecting and slowing the transfer of heat by low-E coatings of argon gas-filled double glass panes for optimum energy efficiency.

Multi-Slide Doors

This is the world’s most spectacular type of door for home installation. There are no more exciting and transformational options in sliding glass doors or in any other residential door type. Energy Shield is the proud creator of the Mega View Door with Ultra Slim Line Frame. This is the sleekest version of multi-slide doors in existence, at only around 3/4 inch frame thickness. There’s no more complete way to view the stunning beauty of nature here in the desert from inside a home. The Mega View model is also called the Sliding Glass Wall. It can consist of up to 10 multi-slide door panels.

  • Can be used as an alternative to regular drywall interior walls, exterior siding, or sunroom installations.
  • Choices of single, double, or triple glass panes for maximum noise and dust insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Full wall-length visibility for a panoramic view of the desert from inside your home.
  • Can add panels to extend the full length of your large patio or deck or patio for the luxury of a complete indoor-outdoor living and entertainment space.
  • The panels stack vertically to open the wall more, and they can be folded into wall recesses for concealment to allow the widest openings possible.
  • The glass in the mega-view sliding glass wall is both sleek and extremely strong and durable, to withstand all the rough weather conditions in the Sonoran Desert.
  • The sliding door tracks can be installed to slide in a straight line, or to create a 90-degree corner angle, or even to curve.

Why Choose Energy Shield Window & Door Company?

Energy Shield manufactures and installs advanced designs of high-performance energy-efficient sliding glass doors of all types. We offer a vast variety of styles, glass packages, energy-efficient framing types, custom frame colors, aesthetic glass treatments, decorative grilles, and more. We provide beautiful, high-quality, ENERGY STAR® rated options to fit your budget and style.

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