Choosing a new or replacement window for your home or business means considering a lot of different options. The most important decisions will be selecting windows that will immediately increase the value of your property and give you a continuous return on your investment by reducing energy consumption throughout the year. With so many different new and replacement window options on the market these days, why choose energy efficient windows?

Property owners who are renovating and those who are making big decisions for a new build understand that selecting the right windows is a crucial step in the process. While everyone wants windows that will help minimize heating and cooling costs, you need to decide what window type will work best for each area to yield the biggest savings without investing in unneeded features. The key to choosing the right energy efficient window is knowing is the four basic factors to consider including the frame material, glass, installation, and design.

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Energy Efficient Window Frame Options

Choose from wood clad windows for a more traditional or craftsman look, aluminum windows for incredible durability or vinyl windows to upgrade to a more modern aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the right color for your window frames, you can easily narrow down the options by the style of your home or the style you want to achieve with replacement windows. Traditional style homes are known for contrast like a pop of color for the window frames and doors. Modern colors tend to flow with similar colored walls and framework for a cohesive style.

Window Design for Energy Efficiency

A window's design will greatly affect the energy costs of any home or office. Considerations like the functionality and access will need to be considered when choosing your window's design. Some window designs are more energy efficient than others. Here are some common window designs:

  • Double-Hung Windows are a traditional style found in many homes throughout the US. A double-hung design allows the bottom of the window to slide up to open. They are very energy efficient but may not be a good choice for extreme climates due to potential air intrusion between the sliders.
  • Picture Windows are typically inoperable but come in many different shapes and sizes. As one of the best energy efficient window type, a picture window's efficiency will depend on the choice of class and gas-fill between the panes.
  • Casement Windows have an ideal design to allow natural air-flow from outside. Casement windows operate with a crank to swing the window outward up to 90 degrees for maximum ventilation. Popular in windy climates, the seal of these windows becomes more secure when the wind is blowing.

Energy Efficiency Standards for Glass

The type of glass in your new or replacement windows is perhaps the most important feature for energy savings. Simply look for windows with the Energy Star logo to find windows manufactured to the energy savings standards set forth by this invaluable program. For harsh Arizona, climate looks for options with high-performance Low-E glass for ultimate UV protection and added insulation with argon gas-fill.

Manufacturers qualify with the Energy Star program by meeting strict standards with ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) on the following metrics:

  • U-Value to measure a window's resistance to heat loss.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) to measure the amount of heat that enters a structure through the glass.

Energy Shield and Door Company manufactures windows designed with an emphasis on dust control, noise reduction, and vital heat reflection. Choosing the right glass will greatly improve your home's energy efficiency and the quality of your lifestyle.

The Importance of Professional Window Installation

Even the most expensive energy efficient windows will not be effective if they have been incorrectly installed. Installation from AAMA Certified Installation Masters have completed national training and certification to ensure your windows perform exactly how they are intended to.


Affordable Energy Efficient Windows and Installation in Phoenix, Arizona

For over twenty years, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been manufacturing a vast array of energy efficient windows specifically designed with the harsh desert conditions of the Southwest in mind. We boast an A+ BBB Rating and have met the rigorous standards to become members of Energy Star and Earthwise. Our superior quality windows will help lower your energy consumption and confidently stand behind our all of our energy efficient products and professional installation.

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