Dating back to medieval times, the casement window was the very first operable window ever used. Hinged on either side and opening outward using a crank handle, casement windows have the ability to open wider than any other window style at 90 degrees. With maximum airflow, these windows make a stylish addition to any room in your home or office to provide instant access to fresh air with unobstructed ventilation.
Today, casement windows are an ideal option for hard to reach areas because of their easy operation and low maintenance. If you are in the market for new or replacement windows, consider the superior engineering of the modern high-quality casement window with features like weather resistance, durability, excellent security and energy efficiency. In general, casement windows have lower air leakage rates than sliding windows due to the fact that the sash closes more firmly by pressing against the frame, according to
Energy Shield Windows and Doors in Phoenix, AZ has perfected premium vinyl technology for our wide selection of casement windows over the last twenty years. Made in the USA, our superior casement windows are certified ®energy-efficient with specially designed heat reflective glass for big savings on your energy bill.

Benefits of Casement Windows

Homeowners with casement windows installed above countertops, over a sink or appliance or in a small bathroom enjoy the benefits of easy usability with sashes designed to open vertically instead of horizontally. This versatile window is second only to a fixed-pane window when it comes to energy efficiency and can even be fitted with automatic openers. The many benefits of selecting a casement window manufactured to the differing specification for the climate you live in include:
  • Durability— Casement windows feature welded framing and sashes with an air-tight seal and weather stripping on the exterior to provide optimum protection from weather conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency— Homeowners experience cost-saving energy efficiency with reflective glass for protection against harmful UV rays, Insulated glass to retain both heat and cold and an air-tight seal.
  • Exceptional Security— The dual operating arms and high-grade locking mechanism found on casement windows offer maximum security and protection for your family.
  • Low Maintenance— The interior screens of casement windows remain cleaner, longer because they are not exposed to the buildup of debris that accumulates on the screens of all other operable windows.

Customize Your Casement Windows to Reflect Your Style

This old-world style window will give any room in your home of office an updated look with modern features and a wide array of cladding options. Choose the material and color options to blend aesthetically with the interior of any room in your home and present a flawless, uniform look on the exterior with options like:
  • Wood Casement Window Options
  • Vinyl Casement Window Options
  • Aluminum Casement Window Options

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Energy Efficient Casement Windows + Installation in Arizona

Energy Shield Window & Door Company makes it easy to update the look of your home or office with new or replacement casement windows with 0% Down and 0% Interest On Approved Credit. Click here to take advantage of our current special offers and promotions.

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