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All Energy Shield windows are beautiful, and they’re all designed for maximum heat reflection in the desert as well as indoor dust control and urban noise insulation. Our energy-efficient windows are the smart choice for Arizona homes. But, some window types may be a more ideal fit with your tastes, lifestyle, and home design than others. Fortunately, Energy Shield Window & Door Company offers a wide selection of window types to suit all practical needs and style preferences. Take our quiz below, to see which great window style suits you best!


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Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been manufacturing Arizona’s best energy-efficient windows and doors for 25 years. Our top-quality Energy Star® rated windows and doors are designed and engineered specifically for high performance and long-term durability in the southwestern U.S. desert climate. Buying factory-direct assures our customers of the best possible price (no retail or wholesale markup), ideal quality control, superior service, and no third-party warranty issues.

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