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Whether your windows are old or damaged, you're looking to reduce your energy bills, or if it is finally time for a makeover, you will want to choose the best-rated replacement windows in Arizona. Energy Shield Window and Door Company have a full line of wood clad, aluminum, and vinyl windows that we can install to your specifications. All our products are built to withstand the extreme heat of the Arizona desert and emphasize heat reflection, dust control and reducing noise.

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Replacement Vinyl Windows in Arizona

Vinyl windows are among our most popular because they are long-lasting and virtually free of maintenance. Vinyl windows never need to be painted or scraped, and they will not peel over time. Window replacement also offers a return on investment of up to 80 percent upon resale of a home.

Our products are manufactured locally at our production facility in Phoenix, Arizona and installed by our own install crews. Our products have been designed and engineered specifically to deal with the extreme heat and dust that Phoenix is famous for. When it comes to energy-efficient windows and doors for the Phoenix area there is no better "VALUE" than Energy Shield Window & Door Company.

  • Single Hung Replacement WindowsThe Energy Shield 7000 Series vinyl single hung window features side-by-side windows, and one panel stays stationary while the other panel slides horizontally. 
  • Double Hung Replacement WindowsThe Energy Shield 8000 Series double hung window features 2 side-by-side windows that open via a center slide that allows you to manage fresh air flows and view flexibility. These are preferred for second story windows, and both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.
  • Single Sliding Replacement WindowsThe single sliding window in our Energy Shield 7000 series is the most popular of Arizona replacement window styles. It includes fusion welded corners and optional night locks and includes a half screen for the side that opens.
  • Double Sliding Replacement WindowsAnother great choice for second story windows, the Energy Shield 9000 Series double sliding replacement windows feature two sashes (left and right) that open to the center. Night latches come standard, and both sashes can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Casement and Awning Replacement WindowsThese 9500 Series windows enjoy hinged sashes that use a handle crank to open the window outward. Casement windows typically open from the side and awning windows open up from the bottom to create ventilation. These Energy Shield 9500 series windows offer an unobstructed view, maximum ventilation and include full screens inside the house.
  • Picture Windows and Custom Shaped Replacement WindowsOur glass cutting system allows Energy Shield Windows and Doors to manufacture any shape of the window you desire. Picture windows allow the maximum amount of light into a room. Custom geometric shapes can help accent the specific architecture of your home.
  • Bay WindowsEnergy Shield Windows and Doors' bay windows are custom made for your home. Bay windows typically have a three-window configuration with a picture window in the center and single or double hung windows to the left and right.

Aluminum Replacement Windows in Arizona

Our aluminum Ambassador 8200 Series is one of the most energy-efficient windows on the market. These low-E dual pane aluminum clad windows are maintenance free. They feature smooth and quiet operation, thanks to Deluxe Delrin rollers. The 8200 Series is available in several shapes, sizes, and colors. Learn More

Member of Earthwise Window Manufacturing Group

Energy Shield Window & Door Company is proud to be a member of the nationwide Earthwise Window Manufacturing Group. Energy Shield is the exclusive Earthwise manufacturing facility in the Phoenix area. There are 25 participating factories across the United States manufacturing the Earthwise brand, making your locally manufactured windows and doors a National Brand. The combined purchasing power of 25 factories allows Energy Shield to purchase the absolute best frame materials and glass options available in the industry at the lowest possible prices. This ensures that you are getting the highest possible quality and the lowest possible price. Our "SunShield" Premium Vinyl Technology provides the most durable vinyl frames for the Arizona desert, combined this with the most heat reflective glass available and you have a window unsurpassed in performance for this area of the country. The value of our locally manufactured vinyl windows and doors is second to none.

Earthwise Windows & Doors are always manufactured for your local climate. Many window companies manufacture and market the same window design across the entire country. The Energy Shield/ Earthwise Window & Door is specifically engineered for the hot, dry and dusty environment of Arizona. Our use of extreme low-E glass for maximum heat reflection and double dust seals for minimum air infiltration make our product the perfect match for Arizona homes.

Our affordable Earthwise windows and doors are backed by a Limited Lifetime Manufactures Warranty and the Good Housekeeping Seal. Through our Good Housekeeping Seal you get an additional two-year money back guarantee! Earthwise has earned the coveted Good Housekeeping Seal for the past 11 consecutive years. With Energy Shield, you get all the benefits of a national brand and all the benefits of a local manufacturer.


Window Replacement FAQ

As a general rule-of-thumb, residential windows should last between 15 and 20 years before needing replaced. If you're unsure how old your current windows are, look for signs of degradation. These include:

  • Unexplained increases in your utility bill
  • Drafts and cold spots near windows
  • Rotting sills or frames
  • Windows that are difficult to open or close due to warping
  • Condensation between the panes of double-paned glass

If you notice any of these signs of deterioration, call us for a free, in-home estimate on window replacement.

In most instances, replacing a single window takes between 15 and 30 minutes. You can help the process go more quickly by prepping your room in several ways, including:

  • Moving furniture, plants, and other obstacles away from the window before our installers arrive
  • Taking down curtains, drapes, blinds or window shades
  • Disconnecting and removing security sensors adhered to the glass or frame of the window being replaced
  • Removing wall decor near the window being replaced
  • Providing a clear, unobstructed path from your front door to the window being replaced

Energy Shield Window and Door uses high-quality Cardinal glass. These include:

  • LoE 366 -- Provides superior fade protection for carpets, drapes, and furniture. LoE 366 blocks up to 95 percent of harmful UV rays without filtering out the sun's natural light. Rooms stay warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • LoE3-340 -- Offers comfort for every season. Unique, solar- and glare-control properties fill your rooms with natural light while leaving heat and cold outside. Experience comfort all year long with the addition of LoE 3-340 window glass.

The average cost to install a single-window typically begins around $135, but the more windows you have replaced, the more economic the job becomes. Energy Shield Window and Door offers convenient financing options, as well as a free, in-home estimate. So you'll know what to expect before installation begins.

Window installation will not affect your surrounding wall, except to make it more airtight and draft-free.

There's no need to repaint your interior or exterior walls after a professional window installation, unless you want to change the color scheme.

Our installers follow strict guidelines during the time they're inside your home or on your property. This includes the proper use of drop cloths and foot protection to prevent tracking mud and debris through your house. They'll clean up after themselves before they go, as well. There won't be any mess left behind when you trust the professionals at Energy Shield Window and Door to install your windows.

Clean-up and disposal of old windows will be handled by the installer. You'll be left with nothing but bright, beautiful new windows left behind when our installers are finished.

Energy Shield is Window Replacement Company in Arizona

We are happy to provide the installation and maintenance for all the windows in your home. Our products are warrantied, and we will provide you with a free in-home quote with no pressure to buy from Energy Shield Windows and Doors. We have been manufacturing energy-efficient home improvement products in Arizona since 1996.

Check our current specials for offers on doors and windows. When you're ready to talk about replacement windows for your dream home, contact us directly at 623-777-7616 (we speak English and Spanish). We offer 0% financing on approved credit for our replacement windows, so call today to schedule your free in-home estimate!

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