Frame Window With Clear Glass - Post Window Installation - Energy Shield Windows and Doors

After your new windows and doors have been installed, the Energy Shield Window Installation experts will perform a thorough inspection to ensure that exceptional criteria standards have been met. Our installers follow a checklist to ensure you have received materials and workmanship, and to adhere to all applicable compliance regulations.

When the installation is complete, as the home or business owner, Energy Shield Windows and Doors strongly suggests that you follow through with a series of steps for a post-window installation checklist and simple maintenance recommendations to ensure optimal condition for the life of your new windows and doors.

Make Sure Your Window Features Work Correctly

Your new Energy Shield Windows and Doors should open and close effortlessly with minimal resistance. Check the functionality of the hardware of each window and doors. Should you find any problem after installation, please Contact Us as soon as possible to have it remedied.

Continual Maintenance

Your new Energy Shield Windows will require minimal maintenance. For the first few months after installation, we recommend that you perform a regular visual inspection of the windows and doors to avoid water or air leakage. Maintenance will also include cleaning and lubricating window tracks and door hinges, as needed.

Register Your Warranty

Take the time after installation to review your warranty and register the warranty on the installation website. By becoming familiar with the warranty's coverage in case of any future problems or malfunction that you can claim compensation. Energy Shield confidently offers a lifetime warranty for our durable, high-quality products.

File Your Paperwork

By filing all of your paperwork together and in the same place will be useful should you need your warranty or for property appraisals. Be sure you keep together your receipt, installation paperwork, manuals and warranty information in one place for easy access and peace of mind.

Energy Efficient Windows and Installation in The Grand Canyon State

Locally manufactured in Arizona, Energy Shield Window & Door Company has been providing specially designed energy efficient windows and doors since 1996. We have earned certifications to become a proud Earthwise Member and boast an A+ Better Business Rating.  Our superior quality windows will help to lower your energy consumption in the blistering Arizona heat and improve your quality of life with dust control and noise reduction. We confidently stand behind our window products and professional installation by our factory-trained and industry certified experts.

Click Here to check out special offers and give us a call at (623) 900-5645 for your free project estimate or visit our showroom at 725 N. 73rd Ave, Ste. 116, Phoenix, Arizona. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best new or replacement windows for your home or business. Se habla Espanol.

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