Custom Replacement Doors in Arizona

The curb appeal of your property, and its contribution to the appeal of the entire neighborhood, depends on your aesthetic design choices for your home’s front entry door. Quality workmanship and door installation are also essential to optimize your front entry. That’s why many homeowners choose to provide specifications for the design of their own custom entry doors. It’s the best way to create the inviting entryway you want for welcoming your friends and family into your home. Energy Shield custom door designers can create the ideal glass home entry door for your needs.

Custom Glass Entry Door Light

Installing a custom glass entry door brings in a lot of extra natural light. That creates a fresh and especially inviting living space. Natural light inside buildings has been shown to have positive effects on productivity, mood, and the sense of happiness. Also, of course, having more light flowing in through your home’s entry door, means your family needs less use of electric light, which is one more way to reduce energy costs.

The Privacy of the Entryway

Consider the amount of privacy you want to maintain through your exterior doors. There are options for various degrees of privacy with glass doors. With any of these choices, you can still benefit from plenty of natural light through the door without compromising the amount of privacy you need:

  • You may be situated to allow full-length, clear, unobstructed glass doors.
  • You may choose to have the light coming through the door filtered through colored, frosted, or etched glass.
  • You might prefer adding a decorative grille to partially obscure visibility through the door.
  • Or, you may prefer to have a smaller total area of exposed glass in the door.
  • You can select from various forms of exquisite glass artwork.
  • You might opt for a solid door with flanking narrow side lights (glass side panels).

Secure and Beautiful Custom Glass Doors

People unfamiliar with glass door options are sometimes concerned that a glass entry door will not provide the level of home security that standard solid-core wood or metal doors provide. But, modifications can be made as part of your custom door design to reinforce the glass and maximize the security of your new glass entry door. For example:

    • You can choose thicker and/or double-pane glass for more durable weather protection and security against unwelcome entry.

    • Investing in a heavy leaded glass door may be worth it for the strength it adds.

    • Or, you may opt for a simple, understated, or more ornate decorative wrought iron security door cover as a security and style feature.

Framing Materials for Custom Entry Doors

Along with choosing the frame color, glass package options, and door design you want, you can select the door frame materials you prefer:

    • Wood

    • Aluminum

    • Vinyl-clad wood

    • Vinyl-clad aluminum

High-grade vinyl cladding offers today’s most energy-efficient framing for residential entry doors and patio sliding glass doors.

Invest in Customized Entry Door for Your Arizona Home

We are the southwest region’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient replacement doors and windows designed especially for homes here in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Our custom door designs are unsurpassed in beauty, strength, and durability to withstand decades of harsh climate conditions and blowing desert dust.

Energy Shield custom entry doors and glass sliding patio doors are an investment in your home’s energy efficiency, security, curb appeal, and property value.

Ask for Your Free In-Home Custom Entry Door Design Consultation.

For more information about beautiful, energy-efficient custom doors for your desert home, contact Energy Shield Window & Door Company at (623) 562-9164 or here online.

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