Energy Shield wants to help you and your family enjoy your beautiful new energy-efficient replacement windows and ensure they are safe for children. Here are some tips for making your windows as safe as possible for children in your home:

Use Window Stops to Restrict Openings.

Window screens alone won’t keep your child from falling through them. Screens merely provide a sense of security but do not actually protect children. Window stops are an excellent option for parents to eliminate the risk of a child falling through a screen. The best way to receive the fresh air from open windows and the superior child safety of closed windows is using window stops. With these amazing little security mechanisms, you can keep windows open partially but not wide enough for a child to fall through.

Install Grille-Type Window Guards.

A window safety guard is a grille designed for installation over window openings. These protective covers are made for virtually all sizes of window openings. The U.S.federal Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests window safety guards for homes with children, especially babies and toddlers. Window guards are highly recommended for childproofing because they are hard for young children to open but easy for adults in an emergency.

Lock Windows and Add Child Safety Window Locks

Locking all the windows throughout your house is the most secure approach to childproofing those openings. Keeping windows locked reduces the risk of a child falling through a window. It’s also an important habit for improving home security against unwelcome entry. There are locks available for almost any window or glass door type. Most are inexpensive and easy to install. Child safety window locks are a different concept than regular window locks. These are designed to fasten in the track to prevent a window from opening. This is an excellent safety measure to use in combination with regular window locks.

Use Child-Safe Window Blinds

Another window safety risk is accidental strangulation by dangling window blind cords. Replace all older window blinds with updated cordless versions. If replacing all the blinds in your home is not feasible, consider talking with your children about child safety regarding these dangerous cords. You might even choose to watch one or two of the online window safety videos with your children, including one on the topic of window blind safety for kids. Consider refresher talks to reinforce the learning periodically, as needed.

Proofing Casement and Awning Windows

Casement and awning windows are among the simplest to baby proof since they're cranked. All you have to do is take the crank handle out! That's exactly right: if your casement and awning window has a removable handle (as most do), simply unscrew it and save it in a secure place so you may reconnect it later. This will prevent your child from pushing open the window.

More Tips for Child Safety Around Windows

In addition to the window modifications suggested above to improve child safety around windows, here are a few more things you can do:

  • Keep furniture away from windows to avoid encouraging children to climb up to windows.
  • Remove crank handles from windows that have them for opening and closing.
  • Start early to teach your children not to climb around or lean through windows.
  • Ensure that children are carefully supervised at all times.

Ready To Replace Your Old, Potentially Dangerous Windows?

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