Both standard and custom windows offer important benefits for businesses and homeowners, so the choice between the two depends on your priorities. Pre-manufactured windows from a building supply center are typically cheaper. But, energy-efficient custom windows are, of course, the best replacement windows.

Designed according to your personal style preferences, custom replacement windows are more energy-efficient, and they offer other important practical benefits which standard windows cannot provide. So, get what you really want, save on electric bills, and enjoy other big benefits of custom windows.

4 Important Advantages of Custom Windows

There are some major benefits of custom replacement windows designed especially for your home, vs. standard models. Energy Shield can fulfill virtually any creative vision for your residential or commercial windows in wood, aluminum, or vinyl windows, finished in any of the millions of styling and color options available for custom-built windows. Here are some key benefits of window replacement with custom designs for your home or business:

Ideal Match for Your Style

One big difference in standard and custom windows is that pre-made models can be hard to match to both the exterior and interior style of a home, whereas custom designs offer limitless aesthetic choices.

Custom windows are created specifically to compliment your business or home design and décor and to enhance its character. You can even integrate multiple window styles, to create unique window designs for each room while maintaining the exterior aesthetic you want. The creative options are truly limitless!

  • Custom replacement windows from Energy Shield Windows & Doors can be produced in hundreds of styles and thousands of colors, to create the perfect match for your design tastes.
  • Your new windows can be further customized by adding decorative grids or even unique patterns in the glass, to make them an even more perfect extension of your personal style.
  • We can build your custom windows in a variety of exceptionally durable and energy-efficient materials. For example, you may want virgin vinyl double-hung windows in some living spaces, but may choose a wood-framed custom picture window for your great room.

Increased Energy Efficiency in Your Climate

Increased energy efficiency is one of the most important benefits of installing custom replacement windows. Custom-built windows are made to fit precisely into the window openings of your home. This gives you an airtight seal around every window in your home or business, which eliminates the risk of drafts from air leaks around window frames (a common cause of energy waste in houses and commercial buildings).

Energy Shield custom windows are built for your particular climate, featuring premium energy-efficient elements, to keep your home optimally comfortable in any seasonal weather. Triple-pane or double-pane custom windows prevent heating and cooling loss because every window is measured and built to precisely fit its opening for an airtight seal. In any climate, you’ll save on monthly energy bills for many years to come.

Superior Window Fit

In addition to the problem of poor energy efficiency with windows that are not custom-made, there’s another significant potential issue with stock windows that is remedied by custom fitting windows:

  • For window openings that are larger than the available standard window sizes, a gap is left around the new window, which must then be filled with drywall patches on the inside, then painted or patched over with wallpaper to match your existing wall finish.
  • On the exterior, the gap around the window must be patched with exterior siding or masonry to match your existing exterior material. These challenging processes often produce less than expected quality outcomes.

These aesthetic irregularities sometimes caused by resizing window openings can negatively impact curb appeal and property values. Energy Shield custom window replacements allow you to maximize your window glass area for full natural light and view, without damaging your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Easier Window Installation

Whether you choose to perform DIY installation or decide to get help from professional replacement window installers, custom windows are normally much easier and faster to install than standard windows. This is yet another benefit of custom fitting.

Custom windows eliminate the need for often extensive prep work around window openings and for purchasing additional construction materials in order to size the window opening to fit the new window. If you’re working with a professional installer, this can escalate installation costs.

When you order custom windows, a team of Energy Shield window installation specialists will measure each of the window openings to the millimeter, to ensure a perfect fit for every window. On the date of installation, the installers can simply remove the old windows and conveniently slide the new window in for a perfect fit. Installation is quickly completed, leaving your home looking more beautiful and feeling more comfortable inside!

Energy Shield Window & Door Company, Phoenix AZ

Our custom-designed energy-efficient replacement windows are unsurpassed in design execution, material quality, and workmanship. When you schedule your consultation, a design consultant will work with you to understand your creative preferences and practical priorities for the role of each window in the living space where it will be installed. Your consultant will discuss all your options with you and offer recommendations of windows for your home.

When your custom windows are ready to install, our expert window installation team can install your new windows, to ensure a perfect fit for each one. Since 1996, the Energy Shield window company has been building energy-efficient windows for the Arizona climate. We install, warranty, and service all windows we sell.

  • We provide free in-home quotes with zero pressure to buy.
  • We offer our customers 0% Financing with approved credit.
  • Our team holds industry certifications. We are a General Contractor.
  • We are an Earthwise Member and a Member of the BBB (A+ Rating).
  • We speak English and Spanish.

Call us at Energy Shield Windows & Doors, Phoenix, AZ at (623) 936-3758, to schedule your free in-home consultation, to discuss your window needs and preferences, or contact us online anytime.

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