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When it’s time to replace windows in your home, it’s suddenly time to absorb as much information as you can about the ins and outs of this type of home improvement. You’ve come to the right place. Where better to cut through the overwhelming world of random details about windows and learn what you really need to know than from the region’s leading window experts? Energy Shield has provided this brief overview of what is involved in residential windows, installation, and replacement.

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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

You may want to cut your cooling costs, eliminate old, poorly functioning windows, or upgrade your curb appeal. In any case, you still need the best rated home windows for energy efficiency and noise insulation that you can get for a house here in the desert. Those are essentials for home comfort in summer temperatures and the urban environment of Phoenix metro.

For the best energy-efficient windows for home installation in the Southwest U.S., call Energy Shield Window & Door Company, Phoenix, AZ!

Residential Windows for Arizona Homes

Residential window replacement also offers a return on investment of up to 80% upon resale of a home! However, you need to make sure your investment in residential replacement windows for your Phoenix home will hold up. That means you should only install windows that have been engineered to withstand the climate extremes of the Sonoran Desert. That is especially important here in the valley, which has among the region’s hottest temperatures.

Energy Shield manufactures here in Phoenix, Arizona. And, we have our own factory-trained industry-certified teams of installation specialists who understand what desert window installation requires for maximum window performance over time.

Types of Replacement Windows

    • Single Hung Windows

    • Double Hung Windows

    • Single Sliding Windows

    • Double Sliding Windows

    • Casement and Awning Windows

    • Picture Windows

    • Custom Shaped Windows

    • Bay Windows

Window Installation

Energy Shield makes the design consultation, ordering, and window installation process easy for homeowners. You can expect to be enjoying your new windows fully installed after just completing this easy process:

    1. Window Design Consultation: You receive your free in-home expert design collaboration.

    1. Window Building: Your custom replacement windows are manufactured here in Phoenix.

    1. Window Installation: Our team of highly skilled home window installers prepares the raw window openings, installs your new windows, completes cleanup, and inspects the work.

    1. Window Customer Support: You have lifetime customer service directly from your window manufacturer.

Window Replacement

Energy Shield Window & Door Company in Phoenix, AZ is the top energy-efficient window maker in the state. Our widespread popularity throughout Arizona and the greater southwest desert region is due to many contributing quality factors. But, the foundation of quality window production is the caliber of glass and framing materials:

Top-Quality Window Framing Materials

    • Aluminum Frames: Aluminum frames with quality insulation and thermal breaks for maximum energy efficiency help increase home comfort and cut heating and cooling costs. Aluminum windows resist deterioration and need almost no maintenance.

    • Wood Frames: Wood windows are the frequent choice for authenticity in remodeling some timeless styles of older homes. Energy Shield manufactures the region’s best custom wood windows. We use only premium cuts of your preferred wood species and the most durable moisture-resistant finishes.

    • Vinyl Frames: Vinyl windows are today’s most popular, accounting for over 70% of all residential windows sold nationwide! That’s because they do not peel, never need painting, and they offer the best energy efficiency and long-term durability. Energy Shield provides Arizona’s best value in vinyl windows.

Best in High-Performance Window Glass

Typically, here in the desert climate, house windows with a glass grade that is up to the task can be expected to last up to 20 years or even longer. The best glass packages include these features:

    • Cardinal Glass 366 & 340: This special glass offers among today’s best quality energy-efficient window materials.

    • Low-E Coating: Low-E glass is used to significantly enhance reflectivity to resist heat transfer and harmful UV rays and infrared light through the windows.

    • Double-Pane Glass Panels: Offer the best insulative quality of any energy-efficient window design.

    • Argon Gas Fill: Between double glass panes, inert gas fill provides the very best glass insulation to slow the transfer of heat.

Encompass all of the above components with well-insulated window framing including warm-edge spacers, and you have an EnergyStar®- worthy, desert-ready window. With proper installation, it’s a window that will perform ideally for many years to come.

Home Window Enhancements

An abundance of decorative glass options can be used to enhance the aesthetic and privacy of residential windows. These are just some examples of beautiful enhancements you can add to your windows:

    • Beveling

    • Frosting

    • Etching

    • Tinting

    • Grilles

Best Residential Windows in Arizona – Energy Shield

Energy Shield’s purchasing power enables us to purchase the best window framing and glass materials in our industry at the lowest prices. When combined with the cost benefits of buying windows factory-direct, our customers receive the highest quality window products at the lowest prices possible. We also offer 0% financing (with qualified credit).

Browse our online gallery, call Energy Shield Window & Door Company at (623) 936-3758, or contact us online for a free in-home window design consultation and price quote.

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